New Sweater and Pin Curl Waves

I bought a new sweater at Jet Rag yesterday – my previous number of sweaters was zero! Unless you’re counting my leopard cardigan from Target, which you’re not. So my new sweater I wore today is waist-length, orange and white like a Creamsicle, and according to the Vintage Fashion Guild the Bobbie Brooks tag is from the late 50s-early 60s.

I also finally attempted pincurl waves – up til now I’d been using Super Kawaii Mama’s pin curl method, which doesn’t involve any brushing and really results in curls. But I’m nothing if not adventurous so today I tried brushing out my pin curl set into waves. I am of several opinions – I like curly hair on me better, probably because I have curly hair naturally so I like it on me, and brushing it out is more work and results in more frizz and I don’t have the tenacity to bother with hair frizz anymore. BECAUSE I ONLY DO FUN STUFF NOW.

TWINS! I figured out that I photograph myself standing next to my mirror instead of in front of it I don’t have to clean my room. I gots priorities.

Pushed the hair back so you can really get a load of this fucking sweet-ass sweater.

The only picture in which you can see the whole skirt – I bought it at Jet Rag for $12 and though my mom thought upon seeing it that it was 80s, I’m pretty sure it’s earlier based off of the hand-sewn hem (and side buttons). Unfortunately it doesn’t have any tags.

Check out the color on that sweater. I think this cost me $15? Pretty sweet deal, bros. P.S. German pride! It’s not weird anymore. And I was born there, I’m not a geneology freak. Though I AM an Elvis freak. What a lovely face.

Do you know why people used to photograph in black and white? Because it’s the cure for bad lighting. That was the problem – Old-Timey people had color photos, but terrible lighting. And here I am, all these years later, with the same problem. How does my hair look? Pretty goddamn wavy, huh? I think my hair might be too long for this style, really. And my ends didn’t look great. I’m not sure how they’re supposed to look. Ugh, I tried, you guys. Get off my back. I’M DOING MY BEST, EVERYONE.



I took this picture of the back later – I think that looks like pretty legit pincurl waves, especially since I did not try that hard to make my set even (I have a lot of hair, it’s too much work to be precise). So let’s put this one in the WIN column.


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