Outfit Post: I’m the Proud Owner of a Green Sweater

The new sweater parade continues! It’s a two-part parade! I bought this green 60s sweater (it doesn’t have a tag, but I assume it is 60s based off the style) at Jet Rag for $14 as well as the polka-dot long-sleeve shirt underneath. I LOVE this sweater and the button-down. I love them together. I wore this outfit on Thursday and again on Saturday because I just can’t help myself. The only bad part is that I don’t really have any good pants to wear, so I wore jeggings. Gross.

Check out that cute little polka-dot collar peeking out!

Paired with my cool 60’s clip-on earrings. They’re the best, I can’t even feel them when they’re on.

Drinking looks stupid.

It was raining yesterday and this hat really came in handy – my roommate bought it for me! In her words, she saw it and thought “Only Erika could pull this off” so she got it for me. How sweet. And it’s fun to have someone else describe your style.

Here’s me attempting to give you a more complete look at the outfit (I was wearing Converse, as well) but this photo also works in case you were thinking, “Why is she so anti-jeggings? They seem cool.” See? They are not cool.

This is my “sophisticated” pose.

So there you go.

Sweater – Jet Rag – $14

Button-down – Jet Rag – $12

Fucking jeggings – Target – $10?

Hat – Target – my roommate

Earrings – Etsy – $7

Watch –  Target – $10 (I know it’s not vintagey, but I like this watch. Analog is too hard for my tiny brain to comprehend).


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