Outfit Post: My Thanksgiving Ensemble

For our Thanksgiving dinner I wore my new pink 1970s Leslie Fay pink dress and jacket (I wore an apron while I was cooking and serving food).


I love this outfit! I felt so pretty all day long and got a lot of really nice compliments.


I wore my Beyond Skin shoes that I’ve owned for several years – they’re a great vegan shoe brand and these shoes have a definite retro look.


Here’s the dress without the jacket. Isn’t the matching belt so cute?


We also had a nice Thanksgiving dinner – I made Tofurkey sausages in buns, cornbread, cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts and spinach in a vegan butter sauce, and chocolate chip cake. And there were no complaints from our meat-eating guests about the vegan meal. I wouldn’t have put up with any, but luckily no-one tried. I did warn everyone that I would forcibly eject them from my home if they complained, but as I said, nobody complained.

I reached a point after dinner where I felt quite done with talking to people (I’m like that – I can only socialize for so long before I need some alone time) and I snuck off to my room and took these pictures while my roommate and all our guests chatted in the living room. What a weirdo.


One thought on “Outfit Post: My Thanksgiving Ensemble

  1. I am in love with that outfit! I love outfits that come with all the matching bits & pieces. Glad to hear your guests were polite…when I go to my vegan friend/family houses I would never expect to be served anything but vegan fare. I am exactly the same when it comes to socialising I really can’t deal with people for very long and all my friends are the same so to us you are not weird at all 🙂

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