My Clothes May Be Casual, But My Style Is Outrageous

Sometimes I can’t dress up completely for whatever reason and I’ve found it interesting how the smallest attention to detail will really class up your outfit and garner a lot of attention. I think the main lesson to be learned is that people generally don’t wear hats so if you wear one, their minds will explode.


This picture, taken in my natural habitat, is an epitome of my sooper c00l casual style. Thanksgiving morning I went to watch some friends play football in the park at 10 AM. I am not a morning person so I had no desire to get ready that early in the morning and it’s a bit weird to really get dressed up to go to the park, so I wore my jeans, one of my 70s button-downs, a red scarf tied around my neck, and my hat. It’s so interesting how those little details take a casual outfit and make it more fun. I felt better and prettier than if I’d worn a hoodie and a baseball cap. SUCK IT, HOODIES AND BASEBALL CAPS. I THROW DOWN.


A few days ago I went to see a show at 11 but I wanted to go to the gym first and go swimming. I didn’t want to really get ready all over again for the show, so I wore this old blue and white striped sweatshirt and black SWEATPANTS, but because I added a green scarf and my blue beret people kept acting like I was dressed up. In SWEATPANTS. Red lipstick also helps.


I tried the trick again when I was just at home working alone. Put on a beret = feel cooler.


Sometimes lipstick and a hairstyle is enough to make you feel gorgeous.


I always wear this robe at home (my mom bought it for me at Epcot Center!) after I get out of the shower, over my clothes because I’m cold, whatever. And if a friend comes over while I have this robe on, they always say how pretty it is because it is SO pretty!


So there you go. We can be cazh (that’s the abbreviation of casual, you guys) and SUPER at the SAME TIME!


2 thoughts on “My Clothes May Be Casual, But My Style Is Outrageous

  1. I have a hat obsession (that started when I was about 4) and own a fair few vintage pillbox hats. But even when I am wearing a felt cloche type hat in winter (because I couldn’t be bothered doing something with my hair) with jeans I get the same sort of response. But I also get the same response when I wear a dress…even a cheap target cotton dress. People ask me where I am going like I am off to the opera or something. It totally baffles me and also for a long time made me too self conscious to wear them. Then I realised the only people asking where those that wore tights as pants and ug boots out of the house and therefore I didn’t really care for their “fashion” any way.

    • Isn’t that so interesting? I think dressing up is especially rare in my community – I’m a comedian and everyone wears hoodies, jeans, and Converse. Dressing differently made me self-conscious at first – I wore a cloche hat to a show and EVERYONE I saw said something along the lines of “Whoa, nice hat.” And I started to feel super weird. But you’re absolutely right – why should we be the ones to feel weird? We’re just trying to look nice and wear what we enjoy and there’s nothing wrong with that!

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