You’re So Vintage and You Don’t Even Know It, Baby

I think was vintage before I knew I was vintage. I’ve only started really trying to dress in vintage clothes daily in the last couple months, but it was interesting to look back at some of my old pictures and realize that I’ve always had this love of vintage clothes and style even if I didn’t quite realize it.

I mean check out that hat. Seriously.

That’s my high school boyfriend with a newsie who looks suspiciously like me.

There we are again – I dressed up as Ava Gardner for Halloween my senior year of high school.

I wanted to channel Old Hollywood glamor for my senior prom – this was the first time I wore red lipstick! Unfortunately it didn’t start a personal trend, as I was mostly a chapstick girl until a couple months ago.

I had a “healthy living” blog when I first moved out to LA and I would post outfit photos on Fridays. I realized recently that my favorites were always vintage-inspired:

Big vintage brooch, lipstick, high-waisted skirt! This was at the Edison downtown – this was a couple years ago but if I remember correctly it’s 1920’s themed.

And I took myself to a day at LACMA – vintage necklace, high-waisted skirt again – I remember feeling like I had really, really dressed up. I was wearing two-inch heels for Christ’s sake!

So I guess it’s not a surprise that I “realized” I love vintage clothes. I’ve always been really into history – my bookshelves are full of books about World War II, the Cold War, Vietnam (my dad was in the military so that’s probably why I have a fascination with military history). And as a kid I was always dressing up – I couldn’t find a picture, but I dressed up as Jackie O for a class presentation in 5th grade (we did not have to dress up. That was my idea) and I LOVED it – gloves, white pillbox hat, blue dress. Titanic is my favorite movie, for which I have been teased on many an occasion but I STAND FIRM. I’ve seen every Marilyn Monroe movie – I had a stepmom from ages 9-16 who was very into Marilyn and we watched them all together. I liked Bus Stop the best because I thought she was so funny and cute in it. I’ll watch any period movie though, and it’s a reason I became an actor. It’s too frustrating for me that we only get to be one person and live in one time. I want more.

It’s funny that it never really occurred to me that you could just wear vintage clothes every day if you want until I stumbled across it a couple months ago. I was seriously shocked to find out that there are tons of vintage people out there, and a lot of them have blogs. It’s been such a fun discovery for me that there are other people who love vintage style and they wear it and decorate their homes in it and attend vintage events – now I just want to meet them in real life!


2 thoughts on “You’re So Vintage and You Don’t Even Know It, Baby

  1. Love the pics – especially your prom. I was the same. I grew up watching old movies thanks to my gran. She was an actor/singer/dancer/circus performer. She got her start in the chorus back in vaudeville days and she had an amazing collection of costumes and hats. I used to spend hours in her hat collection but like so many other teenage girls I lived in jeans and tshirts. I loved fashion from the 40/50s but it was only last year that I realised people actually dressed like that and looked amazing. When I wear vintage everything feels right, when I wear modern clothes I just feel not myself.

    • That is so cool! I wish I’d had a grandma like that. That’s one way I can’t identify with a lot of vintage girls – many of them love how their grandmothers dressed or something like that but I didn’t know either of mine. I totally agree that when I wear vintage I feel like myself. Truly finding your style and wearing it is awesome and liberating.

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