Vintage Styles for Curly Hair: Layrite Review

I have long, thick, curly hair. It’s almost impossible to find good hairstyling advice for my kind of hair – any magazine I read full of hair tips will all be aimed at girls with straight/wavy short to medium length hair, with maybe a token hairstyle for Black women.

Until very recently, how I styled my hair was I took a shower at night and combed my hair in the shower, let it dry overnight, and then did nothing for five days and then repeat. Here’s my hair:



It can be hard to really see my hair texture in pictures because it’s so dark, but it’s messy curly. Spirals that can turn into dreadlocks if I don’t do anything. I used to get mats in my hair when I was younger because curly hair likes to stick together. So even when I do a hairstyle, my hair will always clump back together. And my hair has always been long – usually halfway down my back, never shorter than my boobs. Partly it keeps the volume controlled on my hair a bit and also I just like long hair and feel like myself with it.

Because it is so hard to find resources for long curly hair, I have decided to become one. I’m working on a post about how I pincurl my hair but my first post will be a review of Layrite! I’ve heard the name on so many vintage blogs and got the idea that it could tame volume and frizz in a pincurl set, but nobody really demonstrated it for me. Volume and frizz are a huge issue any time I decide to comb/brush/move my hair, so I invested in a jar.




This is what it looks like straight out of the jar. Sorry I couldn’t be bothered to flip my photo. Isn’t it weird looking? And it smells crazy. I read someone say it smells like cotton candy, which I wouldn’t have thought of but I guess it’s not far off.

I tried putting it on just the right side of my hair – I took about a dime-sized amount and rubbed it through my fingers, then tried to lightly streak it over my hair. FYI, this is a week-old set that hasn’t been brushed in five hours. Also keep in mind I took these pictures at midnight and I look sleepy.



Big difference, huh? My right (your left) side is definitely sleeker.



Here you can see the frizz differential. Then I tried brushing it out:



Less of a difference. The left side still did have less frizz and pretty manageable volume, even though that side of the part had more hair.



Oh yeah and I did this:



That’s my Elvis.

I’ll have to continue using Layrite to experiment with it and see how it works, but so far it seems very cool and I’ll definitely be using it on days when my hair is huge and poofy (so many days! So many days!)


2 thoughts on “Vintage Styles for Curly Hair: Layrite Review

  1. My hair was like this for so long…then it all just calmed down about a year ago. Years of trying every product for frizz on the market with nothing working. I have a friend who really struggles with her vintage sets because of her thick curly hair…will have to send her your way.

    • Send her over! It really is hard to find info on how to style curly hair, especially because everyone who has ever “done” my hair (while filming, etc) has straightened it and then worked with it. It’s so much better to work with your hair’s texture instead of against it.

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