Why I Can’t Pick an Era

Many (most?) vintage ladies have a specific era that they base their look around – a decade or two that catches their fancy. Sometimes I feel like it makes me less devoted to vintage if I can’t choose a decade – nobody has ever said that to me, but I’m a perfectionist and a weirdo. My two favorite decades are probably the 40s and the 70s, though I own a lot of 50s and 60s clothes that I absolutely love. I also really enjoy the fashions of the 30s, but I don’t own any and a lot of them seem so fragile and expensive these days (and often a bit narrow in the hip for me to physically be able to wear). So I suppose I love the 40s-70s the best. The 80s were generally horrifying (though Hot Tub Time Machine makes them look fun) and the 90s were a cesspool for fashion. So I’ll stick with my favorite 40 year span. 🙂

Here’s why I can’t choose.


This early forties dress is to me the perfect dress. I love it so much and if I knew how to sew I would hunt down that pattern and sew it. Someday! (? I hope?)


Ali MacGraw’s coat in the 1970 movie Love Story. (photo credit)

Anne Holbrook

Anne Holbrook in 1974. I feel like I see a throughline in what I like – can’t you see similar styles in the 40s and the 60s? (photo credit)

The 70s jumpsuit is one of the most fun, sexiest, and bravest of all fashions. The 40s utilitarian vibe is my favorite. Gloves. Hats. Peter pan collars.


I can’t live without these 70s jeans.


Or this 60s sweater.


Or this fifties suit.

I can’t choose.


4 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Pick an Era

  1. No need to pick an era! Just enjoy as many as you can. Most of the times I do 40s and 50s but sometimes I just need a mod day, with pale shadow and lost of lashes.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. I think I might actually give Chelsea Crew Shoes another shot. It may just be that a) the shop I went to was crap and b) bad luck with the girl breaking my shoe. But the thing is, most of their shoes have a leather lining so they’re not completely vegan anyway! I would say try Call It Spring shoes. Most of their shoes are vegan and really cute.

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