My Winter Vacation Wardrobe

Sorry for the lack of posts of late, but I’m visiting my family and spending all my time with them! But I thought it might be helpful to hear what I brought on my three-week trip to the frozen tundra (Indiana and Kansas). And it all fits in one suitcase (depending on suitcase size, I suppose). I’ve often wondered how other people pack for vacations, especially with fragile vintage clothes. I got some good advice on my vintage clothing questions post and followed it – lie everything flat, heaviest stuff on bottom, shoes on top, heels up. So here’s my list:


Gray suit

Pink dress/jacket

Black dress

1 skirt


2 button-downs

2 sweaters

1 pair sweater tights

1 pair hose


2 hats

1 pair gloves

1 scarf

Sweatpants, t-shirt, sweatshirt (for sleeping/exercising)

1 pair tennis shoes (for exercise)

1 pair boots

1 pair nice shoes

3 necklaces, two pairs earrings, two rings


So far it’s been serving me well, I have pretty vintage clothes to wear every day and enough variety. Everything’s been fine without ironing but we did spend a night in a hotel when we visited my stepdad’s parents and I got to iron my black dress. I was weirdly excited to see an iron because my parents DON’T OWN ONE. Crazy people.

I thought I’d show you guys some pictures of my hometown stay so far!




There’s my little baby brother sitting on my lap!



Coffee with my mom. She was having the hardest time positioning the iPhone to take our picture that my smile in that picture is definitely genuine.



At my mom’s friend’s party. I’ve been quite into berets this trip, it seems. That’s my stepdad in front of me looking very bored.



At breakfast with my brother, wearing my favorite 60’s sweater and earrings.



Here I am with my mom and my stepdad’s niece, sister-in-law, and mom. My step-grandma got a box full of vintage scarves that she inherited from  my step-grandma’s sister and she gave them all to me! Isn’t that amazing! So we’re all wearing one in this picture. I am definitely planning on documenting them on this blog, as it’s a pretty amazing collection that I’m a bit bowled over to receive.

Also, my mom and I saw Anna Karenina in the theater today. I’d definitely recommend it for the enthralling story, sumptuous production design, creative direction, and of course gorgeous 1870’s costumes.


One thought on “My Winter Vacation Wardrobe

  1. How fun that you’re posting while on the road (so to speak). Excellent packing choices – you’re pretty much created a perfect capsule wardrobe here.

    ♥ Jessica


    In case I haven’t mentioned it before, may I just say that you have absolutely gorgeous hair!

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