Outfit Post: I’m Tolerating a White Christmas



It’s cold! And what’s a California vintage girl to do when confronted with cold Midwestern weather? Borrow clothes. And layer. I had a camisole, long-sleeve shirt, sweater, slip, skirt, sweater tights, tall socks, and then boots, coat, and a scarf, of course.


My outfit underneath was cute and my mom took some pictures of me! Finally, some photos of my outfits that don’t involve bad lighting and and a self-timer.



Do I look like a vintage photo?



In case you worry that I don’t have teeth.





I did Tasha’s world-famous back roll and I was very happy with it! I got a lot of compliments on it (and of course immediately had to explain how easy it was).





The back looks a bit uneven so I fixed it after the picture. As I’m sure you’ve seen, I have really long, thick hair so I was not sure this would work on my hair but it totally did!

60s Sweater: Jet Rag

70s Shirt: Jet Rag

40s Skirt: Jet Rag

Vintage scarf (I don’t know how to date scarves!): My step-grandma


Hope you’re all staying warm!


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