My Vintage Christmas and Birthday


I celebrated Christmas early with my brother, step-dad, and mom on Saturday, and I got some wonderful vintage presents! I always have multiple Christmases because my mom and dad live in different states. My mom has lived in Indiana and my dad in Kansas since I was 7. Sometimes we all get together for Christmas but this year I’ll have to settle for two Christmases. Poor me.


Here’s my brother and I with our stockings! Besides my fuzzy purple socks I am wearing a vintage outfit (my pink early 70’s dress and jacket) with pin curl waves.


Us shaking hands after we both got gloves – Derek got texting gloves and I got blue mesh 1950’s gloves. They’re gorgeous.





We went to lunch and when we came back, it was my birthday! My birthday’s actually the 30th, but my mom wanted to be able to celebrate with me.



I got these shoes, which I think have such a nice 40’s look. And aren’t they reminiscent of the shoes Rachel McAdams wears in the bicycle scene in The Notebook?



And this cute serving tray my mom bought me in France.



And the most glamorous gift – the hat.



I originally thought it looked very forties but when I researched the hatmaker I found 1) very little 2) that most of the hats made by that manufacturer are listed as 60’s, some 50s, but then one was described as late 30’s. So I cannot figure out when this hat manufacturer was in business!



It can look black, but it’s actually a very dark navy.



It didn’t have too far to go in life – born in Indianapolis and my mom bought it in Bloomington, an hour south.



Though some of its parts had a more exotic provenance.

If you have any idea when this hat was made, please let me know!

Merry Christmas Eve and I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families, whether you celebrate a holiday this time of year or not (my whole family is nonreligious but we enjoy the Christmas decorations and the presents) and maybe even some vintage presents under the tree!


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