Outfit Post: Harold and Mauve

I’m visiting my dad and stepmom (and my three siblings) in Lawrence, Kansas for Christmas and we went to Mass Ave on Christmas Eve so the kids could see Santa. We passed the vintage store Wild Man and my dad said we could stop in and he’d buy a couple things for me for Christmas/my birthday.


And oh. my. god. Look what I found.



I found three late 30s/early 40s dresses in my size. The fact that they fit me wonderfully and come from the same era make me think that the same woman owned them all. Because what are the chances?



The dresses only cost about $25 each. Mindblowing.





Look at that gorgeous detail.



And the buttons! I am so glad none of them have fallen off.

I don’t have an exact era for the dress but I have some clues. By the look of it, I think early forties. Pinked seams. This interesting hook and eye closure:



And the interesting shoulder pads:



And there’s only one tag in the whole dress.



Which I can’t seem to find any info on. And there’s no union tag.

Even if I assume the other dresses come from the same era, they’re of no help as one of them has no tag and the other has an equally inscrutable one. I’ll post about all the dresses individually. I was going to address the aforeseen cardigan as well, but I’ve decided it’s so special it deserves its own post. 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are gearing up for an exciting new year. I’ll just be hanging out at my dad’s house for the next few days, celebrating my birthday on the 30th, and then flying home on NYE so I can go party!


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Harold and Mauve

  1. Oh my stars, I really do believe I would have had to pick my jaw up off the floor if I encountered three such dresses at such incredibly good prices. I’m so delighted for you, dear gal, and think you look so wonderfully lovely in gorgeous dusty rose frock.

    Happiest countdown to New Year’s!
    ♥ Jessica

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