I Got a Haircut! Eek!

I got a haircut! I’d been frustrated by my bangs and I wanted them thicker and get a trim. When I got to the hairdresser, she said my ends were damaged and she needed to cut them off. My hair grows pretty quickly, so I wasn’t that worried about cutting it shorter than I wanted because it’ll grow back.

I told her I wanted Louise Brooks bangs:



And the shape of Rita Hayworth’s haircut, with the U-shape in the back.




It might be a weird combination, but I love having thick, blunt bangs and feel very myself with them. They’re not very forties (my preferred aesthetic) but I figure that I always style myself how I want, even if it doesn’t go along with current fashions, so if I lived in the 40s I’m pretty sure I’d have been the same way.

So I went from this:





To this:



This is the shortest my hair has ever been since it grew out originally. Eek.



It looks pretty short in the front. (P.S. I took these pictures before putting my lipstick on and I can’t stop thinking how weird I look without it)



But I guess when I see it from the back it really isn’t all that short.



And I can’t stop getting compliments over it. It’s definitely easier to brush (and I’m going to start taking better care of my hair – putting anti-breakage serum on the ends, brushing more carefully) and really bouncy and fun.



It’ll take some getting used to. Ideally I think I’d like it to be a couple inches longer, but I’m sure if I give it a few months it’ll get there. I am looking forward to trying new setting patterns and hairstyles and seeing just what this new shorter cut can do. I’LL KEEP YA POSTED.


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