Outfit Post: Lady in Black

You guys have to see one of the dresses I got for Christmas. It’s one of the three late thirties/early forties (my guess – if you have further insight, please let me know) dresses I found in Lawrence, Kansas that cost me $28 each.


Here I am wearing it on my birthday (along with my new birthday shoes, which I’m going to post about later).


Here I styled it with a belt – it can be such a fancy-looking dress that I wanted to dress it down a bit and I think the belt did that well.


Look at that detailing on the hip and the pleated satiny fabric on that side. It’s amazing.


It has more detailing on the left side above the bust. It’s gorgeous. Sorry for how washed out I am – it’s really hard to take good timer pictures of myself and my skin is crazy white.


I put my hair up in Tasha’s back roll with a scarf. It’s a very fancy dress but I don’t really believe in special occasions so I’m going to wear it anyway! I didn’t take a photo of it, but when I went out in the afternoon I wore a pink jacket over it that also served to make the dress more day-appropriate. I just don’t like the idea of saving clothes for nice occasions – I don’t have a lot of those occasions, and when I do that’s exciting enough without the addition of a fancy outfit. I’d rather wear my nice clothes regularly and have every day feel special.


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