I Learned a New Skill!

Brief post ahead! I’ve been working like crazy this week and last night I was so tired that I decided not to do my hair – I figured I haven’t seen my natural hair texture for a while, so why not let it out to play? But when I woke up this morning I missed my pin curls so I did a dry set! I can’t help myself!





And here I am looking extremely cool in sunglasses that just happen to match my sweater! I’m also wearing my great-great-grandmother’s pocket watch on a chain. I’ll have to do a whole post about it.

Also this week…



I learned how to knit! I went to a knitting meetup and a really nice woman named Carine spent over an hour teaching me how to knit. It was so incredibly nice of her. Obviously I’m a long way from actually making anything but I find knitting really fun and I want to keep doing it.

And I know it’s not even February yet, but –



We put up our Valentine’s tree! OK i just took the Christmas ornaments off and put Valentine’s ones on. We’ve decided we’re going to the THAT house that leaves their decorations up all year long. Every day is special!


2 thoughts on “I Learned a New Skill!

  1. Love the valentines tree! Good luck with your knitting. A few years ago my mum taught me how to knit just straight knitting and now I’m making a sweater. I love having something to do with my hands…I’m not very good at sitting still and knitting really helps.

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