I Went Swing Dancing!



I put on my red dress and went swing dancing last night! I went to an event in Pasadena where they have a 30-minute lesson at the beginning and then a live band for the rest of the evening. My friend went with me and we had plenty of lady-on-lady swing dancing, as it was mostly couples. We were also definitely the youngest people there.



I put my hair in two braids, pinned them up, and wore a leopard print scarf to keep my hair in place.



I think this angle in my kitchen probably has the best lighting in my apartment. And that’s not saying much, seeing as it’s all dark and orange. My inability to take good outfit photos has been driving me CRAZY! I don’t have anyone else to take pictures of me and the lighting in my apartment is atrocious. Here are a couple great outfits I’ve worn lately and not devoted a post to because of the terrible photos –



I still haven’t been able to take a good photo of this dress, even though it’s probably my favorite dress I own right now. I’ll try again, I swear.



I wore this green brocade jacket with the gray skirt from my 50’s suit.



I’ll figure it out someday.

I’ll leave you with some relatively good pictures I took at the beach this week!





And what I look like at the beach –



Long sleeves, a hat, and a ton of sunscreen. Sexy.



2 thoughts on “I Went Swing Dancing!

    • I did enjoy swing dancing! I just googled swing dance Los Angeles and found it that way. I’d never done swing dancing before so I just learned the basic steps in the 30-minute lesson and fudged my way through the rest of it. You should try it!

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