Outfit Post: Sexy Sadie Hawkins

I have a gorgeous 1960s green brocade sheath dress that I never have the occasion to wear because it is 1) very fancy, and 2) very tight. As in too tight to drive in or pick up anything off the ground. I had a big Sadie Hawkin’s themed party at my house on Saturday and it seemed the perfect occasion to wear it!


A big messy updo and fake eyelashes added to the look. I did my hair by putting about half of it up in a high ponytail, and then bobby pinning hair around so you couldn’t really tell what was happening, and then put on the headband. I was convinced I’d either look crazy or super hot but I think it turned out more on the super hot side.


I actually think this is probably the “sexiest” I’ve ever looked. It was kind of fun. Definitely feels like playing pretend.



My friend directed me to do some “sexy” poses.




That’s me laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of doing sexy poses.


If I could wear fake eyelashes every day I would, but I think it’s a bit too much for everyday life.


There’s my roommates and me! And apparently the only picture in which you can see my bad-ass shoes.

Happy Sadie Hawkins, everyone!

New Standup Video

I have a new standup video from a show last week. It’s not exactly suitable for listening around children as I do say a couple words you might not utter in polite company, but it’s worth it. I mostly talk about OKCupid and online dating, which I signed up for a few weeks ago.

Also, I’m wearing a cute vintage outfit!


40s black crepe dress, Wild Man vintage store in Lawrence, KS

belt, Jet Rag

Aris Allen dance shoes

50s cashmere sweater, Wild Man

I hope you like it!

Outfit Post: Forested Photo Shoot

I bought a new dress and for once I have great photos to share! My friend and I went to Angeles National Forest on Thursday and she had the great idea to dress up and take pictures of each other. What else are nature-loving ladies like ourselves going to do?


Dress and belt: 70s does 40s, Jet Rag ($24!) I love the atomic print.

Shoes: Aerosoles (I don’t like these but I wanted sensible shoes for the forest)


This might be one of my favorite pictures ever taken of me. I think I look very vintage glamorous in it.






823363_548294737173_1629690315_o (1)


It was so much fun, we’re already talking about doing another one!

The Esoteric Joys of Wearing Vintage

I hadn’t dressed up in a couple days – I’d been working at home and going to the gym and not finding the requisite motivation to put on a girdle and stockings and really feel suited up. Then at the gym today, walking on the treadmill and reading, I suddenly realized one of the reasons why I love vintage.

I’ve been reading the book Team of Rivals, about President Lincoln, and feeling so invested in him, his Cabinet members, and the fate of the Union, and that world feels as real and present to me as my own right now. I realized that most of us are a product of our time and place and we really belong in it. Some of us feel we were born in the wrong place or time period and seek to change it through physical location or daily lifestyle. So many people in this community feel they really should have lived in the 40s or 50s because they identify with that era in a way they just don’t with current times (though many others love certain things about another era but feel solidly a modern woman). Similarly, I know several people who have moved to a foreign country because when they first went there they felt at home for the first time in their lives.

I’m not one of those people. I’m going to risk sounding arrogant here in hopes that I can accurately explain what I’ve been feeling. Certainly I love being American, but I was born in Germany and lived in China and I feel a strong identification with all those places, and many more. I’ve never found one country that feels more home to me than others. There is much I love about our modern age – the progression of equal rights chief among my reasons – but I don’t feel like I necessarily belong to or am bound by it. If I’m not embracing the past, I don’t feel like my full self. If I’m not living an international life full of travel and foreign languages, I feel limited.

Which brings me to vintage. Wearing vintage is an outlet for that desire to identify with history. Every time I get dressed I can feel like I’m somewhere else, in a different time and place. I love history but not only as a passive observer – I want to feel like an active participant. I want to experience it. Suddenly my lack of motivation had dissipated and I couldn’t wait to get home and transform into the gorgeous vintage version of myself.

All I had to do last night was an improv show and then come home and transcribe, but I put on my pink Jackie O dress and jacket, a leopard-print vintage scarf in my hair, and a nice dose of red lipstick and I felt gorgeous.




All You Need Is Lipstick and a Hairstyle

Dresses and stockings are great but some days you either can’t or simply don’t want to put so much effort into getting ready. The other day I had an improv show late at night and I’d just taken a shower after the gym. I didn’t particularly want to get all dressed up just for this hour-long show and then go back home and go to sleep, but I also know that when I don’t dress up at all I tend to feel unattractive. And why put myself through that?

I therefore introduce my patented look-great method of: All You Need Is Lipstick and a Hairstyle.



Casual jeans and a hoodie I bought in the Target boys’ section suddenly become an outfit. (And it has a cute sailor vibe, don’t you think?) It’s by no means a dressy outfit but it allowed me to dress down without feeling schlubby.



When I first started wearing vintage I noticed that no matter what I was wearing, if I was wearing lipstick and any sort of hat people would comment on how “fancy” or “dressed-up” I looked. It made me self-conscious at first but now it reminds me I’m doing something right.




The bow is of my very own creation! I’ve been knitting like a madman recently and I made this for myself and I really like it. What do you all think?







And thus concludes this extremely simple style lesson.