All You Need Is Lipstick and a Hairstyle

Dresses and stockings are great but some days you either can’t or simply don’t want to put so much effort into getting ready. The other day I had an improv show late at night and I’d just taken a shower after the gym. I didn’t particularly want to get all dressed up just for this hour-long show and then go back home and go to sleep, but I also know that when I don’t dress up at all I tend to feel unattractive. And why put myself through that?

I therefore introduce my patented look-great method of: All You Need Is Lipstick and a Hairstyle.



Casual jeans and a hoodie I bought in the Target boys’ section suddenly become an outfit. (And it has a cute sailor vibe, don’t you think?) It’s by no means a dressy outfit but it allowed me to dress down without feeling schlubby.



When I first started wearing vintage I noticed that no matter what I was wearing, if I was wearing lipstick and any sort of hat people would comment on how “fancy” or “dressed-up” I looked. It made me self-conscious at first but now it reminds me I’m doing something right.




The bow is of my very own creation! I’ve been knitting like a madman recently and I made this for myself and I really like it. What do you all think?







And thus concludes this extremely simple style lesson.


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