Hello from China!

I wanted to say a quick hi from Shanghai! I’m having a fantastic trip. It’s funny though, I was planning on tweaking a “break” from vintage while on my trip, as I didn’t want to bring any of my nice clothes and get them dirty and wrinkly. But boy oh boy am I sick of t-shirts, my one pair of modern-cut Target jeans, and no pin curl set. I’ve still been doing my makeup and I did bring one dress (we flew for free in business class because my aunt is a flight attendant, so I had to dress up) and I’ve been wearing it. I think if I get to go on another trip like this I’ll go to Forever 21 or something and buy some vintage-looking clothes that I don’t need to worry about getting dirty. Going a couple weeks without feeling cute is a bummer! I’m on my aunt’s iPad so I don’t have a lot of pictures but I’ll share a few with you.


p  image image Also, I got some custom-made vintage repro (I brought in pictures to a tailor) and I’m picking up some of the pieces tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!! Here are some of the photos I brought in. I got two pairs of pants, two blouses, and two dresses. imageimageimage


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