New Makeup Haul

I got a bunch of new makeup! Want to hear what I think about it? I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t!



NYX eye primer – does the job.

Maybelline blush – it’s blush, you know. It works.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Balm – I was really hoping for a pigmented balm (that’s what you’d expect from the name, right?) but it really doesn’t look any different than Chapstick on your lips. That said, I naturally have pink lips so if you have pale lips you’ll probably see a bigger difference. And once my 4-year-old brother drew on his face with it I could see that it is indeed pigmented.

L’Oreal lipstick (in Target Red) – love it! Good basic red lipstick, not too dry and fairly good staying power.

NYX blue liquid eyeliner – This stuff is the shit. Why didn’t I own this earlier???

L’Oreal concealer crayon – love it. Great creamy texture and good coverage. So nice.

Revlon powder – good stuff but doesn’t come with a puff, just a brush. I prefer a puff for powder, personally.


Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation – I love this shit. I wear it in the winter because it’s super moisturizing but it also blends in well. I like it a lot.

L’Oreal Liquid Eyeliner – good stuff and it reminded me an important lesson I had forgotten – LIQUID EYELINER SHOULD HAVE A BRUSH TIP. FELT TIP SUCKS DICK.

Arbonne mascara – it’s good! Fairly basic – it’s not going to look like you have falsies on but I also haven’t really seen it rubbing off on my eyelids, which makes me happy. Also if you want to look like you’re wearing false lashes you should probably wear false lashes.


HHere’s me wearing new makeup! You can see that the balm is pretty sheer.





Blue winged eyeliner is now my jam.

Well there it is, I hope you all have learned from my cosmetic exploits.

Who do I think I am, Florida? (a.k.a. New Nails)

Got a fill at Nail Citi in Lawrence, Kansas – I’m here visiting my family! But never taking time off of looking fierce. What would my dad’s cats think?

Also my parents haven’t made a single crack about my nails, which I found surprising. Usually my family comes in the “function over form” variety. But they’ve probably just accepted by now that I’m a weirdo. I moved to LA and bought giant gold hoops, nothing I do now will be surprising.



I decided I wanted red, orange, and pink on my nails because fuck this 30 degree weather.

Fight the man forever, love you, stay crazy.

Never Buy a Body Scrub Again!

Big Bath and Beauty has been trying to con you out of your money with products you can eeeeasily make at home in like 60 seconds. Don’t let The Man win. Make your own body scrub for the bath and shower.

Step One) You have a pretty jar left over from some other product, right? Here’s mine:


Step Two) Fill it with equal parts coconut oil and sugar. Just spoon some coconut oil in there – no need to melt it first – and then some sugar. Stick it in your shower where it will stay warm and easy to just mix around with your finger and then apply to your body. It will exfoliate, moisturize, and cost you mere pennies.


Stick it to the man.



How can I be a confident feminist who also loves beauty and fashion?

I am a feminist. I fundamentally like myself. I love makeup. I love my hair. What gives?

I used to feel some sort of conflict between loving traditionally feminine things and feeling a desire to adorn and enjoy my appearance with being a feminist (which everyone should be) and loving myself for who I am. So how can I be a confident feminist who also loves beauty and fashion?

1) Feminism is about choice. I should be able to wear all the makeup I want, and I should never have to wear makeup if I don’t want to. I shouldn’t be fired because not wearing makeup is “unprofessional” and I shouldn’t be denigrated for loving red lipstick and outrageous eyelashes. Men should be able to wear makeup. Sometimes I hear people point to cultural norms such as a bias against men wearing makeup or skirts as proof that there’s sexism on both sides and feminism is outdated, but this only proves that anti-woman sentiment is ingrained in our culture and feminism is as needed as ever. Men aren’t supposed to wear skirts or makeup or be stay-at-home parents because these are seen as traditionally female activities, and traditionally male activities and attributes and more valued in our culture than traditionally female activities and characteristics.

2) Human beings love beauty. Show me someone who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset, a great song, or a lovely scent and I’ll show you someone in the throes of a deep depression (which I have been in the past, no judgies here) or who is dead. People love beauty. We see it in other people, in landscapes, in animals, in art, in nebulas and stars and galaxies, in cells under a microscope. Beauty is everywhere and we fucking love it. It’s an important and enjoyable part of the human experience. So why wouldn’t we want to touch and see and smell beautiful things on ourselves? I love the feel of my curly hair, the look of my red lipstick, touching my glossy nails, smelling my coconut perfume.

3) I do what I like and I don’t listen to anyone. I don’t hate anything about my appearance. Nothing. I’m 5’6″ and a size 10, really pale, and I’ll never get a Brazilian. I don’t like my body because it’s perfect according to cultural beauty standards, I like my body because it’s a human body. It’s fascinatingly complex, helps me experience the world, and constantly surprises me. I did nothing to deserve being born, I fucking lucked into it. So I’m not into beauty and fashion because I want to disguise features that I hate or conform to a cultural beauty standard. Wear shoes your boyfriend doesn’t like, get a tattoo your mom hates, play football. Whatever.


When I was three I asked my mom to take my picture because I felt pretty that day.


Love ya.

Outfit of the Day


Here’s what I wore today – shirt from etsy, cardigan from target, skirt from target. Unpictured flat brown ankle boots also from target. Uh-oh. I don’t work there, I swear to god.

Several people commented on how many patterns were going on and I said ya damn right, bitch.

P.S. I love jewelry

Cool Cat Pics

I’ve been fostering a cat for the past couple months and I’ve become quite the cat photographer. May I present to you Yosemite for your viewing pleasure. 

Reasons to love this cat: He’s very pretty. Extremely soft. Purrs if you even breathe on him. Looks pretty sitting in windows. Likes being picked up.

Reasons to hate this cat: Scratches my couch. Won’t listen to me. Assaults my houseplant. Seems oblivious to my feelings. Shits. I realize everyone shits but I still don’t like being responsible for it.