New Makeup Haul

I got a bunch of new makeup! Want to hear what I think about it? I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t!



NYX eye primer – does the job.

Maybelline blush – it’s blush, you know. It works.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Balm – I was really hoping for a pigmented balm (that’s what you’d expect from the name, right?) but it really doesn’t look any different than Chapstick on your lips. That said, I naturally have pink lips so if you have pale lips you’ll probably see a bigger difference. And once my 4-year-old brother drew on his face with it I could see that it is indeed pigmented.

L’Oreal lipstick (in Target Red) – love it! Good basic red lipstick, not too dry and fairly good staying power.

NYX blue liquid eyeliner – This stuff is the shit. Why didn’t I own this earlier???

L’Oreal concealer crayon – love it. Great creamy texture and good coverage. So nice.

Revlon powder – good stuff but doesn’t come with a puff, just a brush. I prefer a puff for powder, personally.


Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation – I love this shit. I wear it in the winter because it’s super moisturizing but it also blends in well. I like it a lot.

L’Oreal Liquid Eyeliner – good stuff and it reminded me an important lesson I had forgotten – LIQUID EYELINER SHOULD HAVE A BRUSH TIP. FELT TIP SUCKS DICK.

Arbonne mascara – it’s good! Fairly basic – it’s not going to look like you have falsies on but I also haven’t really seen it rubbing off on my eyelids, which makes me happy. Also if you want to look like you’re wearing false lashes you should probably wear false lashes.


HHere’s me wearing new makeup! You can see that the balm is pretty sheer.





Blue winged eyeliner is now my jam.

Well there it is, I hope you all have learned from my cosmetic exploits.


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