Ground Control to Major ME


Today’s outfit – Star Wars shirt and NASA jacket. Because they make me feel COOL.


Have you ever noticed that the cut of a flight jacket is perfect for vintage looks? Also that flight jackets have been the coolest thing ever since Amelia Earhart? And that I got this one at Kennedy space center? DID YOU KNOW ALL THAT?


I’m going to space, y’all. Actually I’m going to Disney world and I’m going on star tours which is pretty similar. My little brother and I are both wearing our Star Wars shirts today so I’ll post a photo later.


3 thoughts on “Ground Control to Major ME

  1. If you’d care to have company along with you for the lengthy journey into space, stylish gal, I’d happily tag along. I need a little breather from the demands, stresses and headaches of life on earth (a few days orbiting the planet should do the trick :D).

    ♥ Jessica

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