Outfit Post: Sweater, Barrette, New Book!



OK so it’s an outfit post where you can’t actually see my outfit. I took some pictures but my sweater was so dark it didn’t photograph very well.

Barrette – bought in Hong Kong

Clip-on earrings and rings – passed down from my grandmother

Olive acrylic sweater – my mom’s

Gray 50’s pencil skirt (part of a suit) – Etsy

And my NEW BOOK! I am a bit of a Titanic enthusiast. I am a lot of a Titanic enthusiast. The conceit of this book is that it’s an owner’s manual – like you would have for your car – so I can learn more about the inner workings of Titanic, her engineering and operation. Truly a Loser’s Delight.

By the way, I already had Christmas with my mom, brother, and step-dad while I was visiting them in Indiana so I have some new and super-cool shit to show you guys in the next week. I’ll give you a hint – one of them is now the oldest piece of vintage clothing I own, by far. 😀 😀 😀


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