New Ear Piercings. Because I’m a Bad Girl.


I haven’t gotten anything pierced in TEN years! I got my ears pierced when I was 5 or 6, got my second in 5th grade, a third on my right ear only in 7th grade, and my cartilage on the left side my sophomore year of high school. I’ve been wanting more pretty much since then. I’d been thinking about it recently – that strange feeling that only people with piercings and tattoos understand where you just want MORE. And when I decide I want to do something I feel super antsy until I do it.


I went to a place called Velvet Grip Family that had good Yelp reviews and is a five minute walk from my house. It didn’t hurt that much – I have a lifelong habit of injuring myself so I’ve gotten used to pain. #badskateboarder


Here I put earrings in the piercings I already had in my ear for a grand total of seven.


I think it looks pretty.


Sorry for this terrible picture and my weird face but this is me all bundled up before my walk to the piercing place. I love this dress, I got it for Christmas and I need to take better pictures of it.


New piercings, 60-year-old sweater.


And my dress! It’s a very 50’s style but it’s new.


All right now let’s all promise to not tell my parents.


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