I Joined Twitter and Instagram!

Find me at @fabvintageerika! I decided to finally hop on the bandwagon so I can share pictures and communicate with other vintage bloggers and enthusiasts and all sorts of fabulous people.

See photos like this!

And read tweets like this!

Now I know you’re sold.

Full disclosure – I’ve been on twitter and Instagram for years, but I’m a comedian in my daily life and the people I know don’t want to see pictures of my vintage outfits so I just write jokes and post the rare photo of my friends or my travels. You can find me at @erikaheidewald if you want!

Don’t freeze this weekend!


2 thoughts on “I Joined Twitter and Instagram!

  1. What a great way to kick off 2014! I got my first iPhone for Christmas in 2012, so I rang in the New Year by joining Instagram (which I’d been dying to do for ages) by joining right around this same time last year. I’ve started following you there, honey, and really look forward to seeing your Instagram snaps.

    Big hugs & endless wishes for joy for 2014,
    ♥ Jessica

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