Outfit Post: LBD

My aunt gave me this little black dress for Christmas and since it’s a scorcher today (40 degrees. Fahrenheit) I decided to wear it! It’s not vintage but it’s pretty vintage-appropriate, I think.






Black Primark dress
Beaded 50s cardigan
60s coat

Now I’m hanging out with my mom and – no joke – watching my birth video. It’s honestly pretty cool seeing yourself be born and it’s super weird seeing my parents young! My mom turned 24 right before I was born – I’m 25 now and I can’t imagine having a baby. It’s also really weird seeing my parents married. Oh, home videos. You are alternately fascinating, boring, and make me cry a lot.


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: LBD

  1. You look gorgeous!

    We filmed our first being born and ever since I have been wondering why we bothered. I watched it once, scared one pregnant friend with it and it has sat in the garage ever since. It never occurred to me that Miss 13 might want to watch it someday.

    • Thank you!

      Yeah I think if I had seen it when I was younger it wouldn’t have meant a lot but watching it with my mom was really moving. Maybe your daughter will feel the same when she’s grown up!

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