My fancy vintage party!



To celebrate my birthday I had a fancy party where everyone was instructed to dress up in clothes inspired by the 20th century. I thought that left plenty of leeway (my friends are not vintage enthusiasts) and most people did really well!



I wore my great-grandmother’s top from the 50’s, a vintage black skirt, vintage clip-on chandelier earrings, and swing dance shoes.



Here’s one of my friends sipping tea from a teacup and saucer out of my mom’s china set.






Some of my guests! We had a greaser, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dorothy, and some good old-fashioned retro glamour.




My new favorite picture of my old roommate and me – I think we look late 1800’s in composition and facial expression.

All in all, it was a really fun party. We had tea and coffee so the non-drinkers would have things to drink, and several types of wine for the drinkers. I made celery sticks with peanut butter in them, which surprisingly went like hot cakes. We used my mom’s wedding china, vintage wine glasses, and my great-grandmother’s 1920s silver (I had a lot of careful cleaning to do after the party was over). One beautiful vintage glass of my grandmother’s did get broken, which was really upsetting. But I’ve decided to use my nice things and the only way to keep them all unbroken is to put them in a cabinet and not touch them. And then what’s the point?


6 thoughts on “My fancy vintage party!

  1. Aw, everyone made such an effort, that’s brilliant! You looked gorgeous, really love your look here.

    P x

    P.S. So glad you didn’t die of boredom at my table restoration post!! 😉

  2. Joyful slightly belated birthday wishes, sweetheart! This looks like such a swingingly fun get together. I hope that you had an awesome celebration and that the coming year will deliver everything and more that you’re wishing for.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my vintage dog photo post. I completely know what you mean about those images that instantly induce happiness in you whenever you see them. I have a collection of such snaps that I return to time and time again myself, too.

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