Outfit Post: Lady Detective


Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries has been making me crave her silky, glamorous wardrobe. I’ve also been in a bit of a pants mood this week (which is CRAZY and very rare) so I tried to channel my inner lady detective with this outfit.

Silky 70s camisole – etsy
Silk 60s bed jacket – The Hidden Closet
Pinstripe black pants – custom-made in China
Unpictured shoes – red Minnetonka moccasins
Vintage necklace and earrings – from my grandmother
Hair clip – bought in China



Love this barrette. Looks very 20s to me.

Isn’t this a fantastic necklace? I wish I knew more about it.

My plant and I.


I don’t normally think I was born in the wrong era, but I feel it some days. I may not be a fashionable 1920s lady detective, but it sure was fun to dress like one for a day.


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Lady Detective

  1. Gorgeous! I love how often Miss Fisher wears just a simple and beautiful pair of pants and a silk cami. She always looks fabulous. One of my millinery teachers did the hats for season two and I love that it is filmed here in Melbourne. So many places I spot in the show that I have been too. Thinking about doing a Miss Fishers photography tour for some of my non-Australian friends.

    • That would be so cool!! I would love to see that post. You are right that she always looks fantastic – I keep wanting to add more Phryne-inspired pieces to my wardrobe!

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