My fancy vintage party!



To celebrate my birthday I had a fancy party where everyone was instructed to dress up in clothes inspired by the 20th century. I thought that left plenty of leeway (my friends are not vintage enthusiasts) and most people did really well!



I wore my great-grandmother’s top from the 50’s, a vintage black skirt, vintage clip-on chandelier earrings, and swing dance shoes.



Here’s one of my friends sipping tea from a teacup and saucer out of my mom’s china set.






Some of my guests! We had a greaser, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dorothy, and some good old-fashioned retro glamour.




My new favorite picture of my old roommate and me – I think we look late 1800’s in composition and facial expression.

All in all, it was a really fun party. We had tea and coffee so the non-drinkers would have things to drink, and several types of wine for the drinkers. I made celery sticks with peanut butter in them, which surprisingly went like hot cakes. We used my mom’s wedding china, vintage wine glasses, and my great-grandmother’s 1920s silver (I had a lot of careful cleaning to do after the party was over). One beautiful vintage glass of my grandmother’s did get broken, which was really upsetting. But I’ve decided to use my nice things and the only way to keep them all unbroken is to put them in a cabinet and not touch them. And then what’s the point?

Outfit Post: Yo, Ain’t You Supposed to Sleep in That?


I got some new underwear-type items that I had to try wearing out. How did I do?

Sweater – my great-grandmother’s from the fifties

60’s Bed Jacket – Hidden Closet vintage store in Bloomington, Indiana

60’s slip – Hidden Closet

50’s wool skirt – Jet Rag in LA (you’ve seen this one a million times)

Red high-top Converse – new Christmas present!


By the way I took this pictures at about 1 in the morning because I forgot to take them prior to going out… so PARDON ME.


That’s the top of the slip (tucked into the skirt) and the bed jacket. Pretty cute, eh? Eh?


I should have cropped this picture. Oh well too late and I’m lazy.

Can you believe me wearing a BED jacket out in public? What a harlot.

Outfit Post: Jetset Pink and Green

I didn’t have anywhere to go yesterday but I reached my sweatpants limit and got dressed just to clean my room and read half of the internet.



You’ve seen the dress before but not the scarf and I tell ya, I felt like a genius when I stumbled upon this combination.



I called this jetset pink and green because a cute scarf around the neck reminds me of 60’s flight attendants. And look at my nails! They’re painted, but NOT red! I’m branching out! And I have on PINK lipstick (which I think I’ve only done once on the blog so far, hated, and apologized for).



Love dat scarf. I also tried something different with my makeup which I ended up really liking. You may or may not know that I am very into the Titanic and other early 20th century maritime history – you probably don’t know, seeing as I haven’t told you – but I wanted to try a makeup look inspired by the early 1900’s – flushed, rosy, glowy, yet natural. I mixed a highlighter in with my foundation, put on powder and blush, then on my eyes I just put a little bit of champagne eyeshadow all over and some rose colored blush near the lashline. Topped off with mascara and rose-colored lipstick and it’s an extremely light makeup look but I really felt beautiful.



Oh and that bracelet snagged my dress. Go to hell, bracelet.

I have something I simply MUST share with you. Do you watch Mad Men? Well, you should. But regardless, you should read the costume analysis on Tom and Lorenzo. They go through essentially every outfit on the show and analyze it based off of what it says about the character (in general and in the moment) and give them some historical context. It’s totally fascinating and I’ve spent hours catching up on the archives. Watching fashion change from the late 50’s to the point where you can see the 70’s around the corner is absolutely fascinating and if you care about historical fashion at all, you must read it. I can tell from their analysis, though, how little of a “modern” eye I have for fashion. They’ll talk about the clothes that still look good today versus those that were stylish in the 60s but appear dated now and I always seem to love those outfits. Whatever, it’s cool. Somebody’s gotta be your grandma, might as well be me.

Outfit Post: Sexy Sadie Hawkins

I have a gorgeous 1960s green brocade sheath dress that I never have the occasion to wear because it is 1) very fancy, and 2) very tight. As in too tight to drive in or pick up anything off the ground. I had a big Sadie Hawkin’s themed party at my house on Saturday and it seemed the perfect occasion to wear it!


A big messy updo and fake eyelashes added to the look. I did my hair by putting about half of it up in a high ponytail, and then bobby pinning hair around so you couldn’t really tell what was happening, and then put on the headband. I was convinced I’d either look crazy or super hot but I think it turned out more on the super hot side.


I actually think this is probably the “sexiest” I’ve ever looked. It was kind of fun. Definitely feels like playing pretend.



My friend directed me to do some “sexy” poses.




That’s me laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of doing sexy poses.


If I could wear fake eyelashes every day I would, but I think it’s a bit too much for everyday life.


There’s my roommates and me! And apparently the only picture in which you can see my bad-ass shoes.

Happy Sadie Hawkins, everyone!

Why I Can’t Pick an Era

Many (most?) vintage ladies have a specific era that they base their look around – a decade or two that catches their fancy. Sometimes I feel like it makes me less devoted to vintage if I can’t choose a decade – nobody has ever said that to me, but I’m a perfectionist and a weirdo. My two favorite decades are probably the 40s and the 70s, though I own a lot of 50s and 60s clothes that I absolutely love. I also really enjoy the fashions of the 30s, but I don’t own any and a lot of them seem so fragile and expensive these days (and often a bit narrow in the hip for me to physically be able to wear). So I suppose I love the 40s-70s the best. The 80s were generally horrifying (though Hot Tub Time Machine makes them look fun) and the 90s were a cesspool for fashion. So I’ll stick with my favorite 40 year span. ­čÖé

Here’s why I can’t choose.


This early forties dress is to me the perfect dress. I love it so much and if I knew how to sew I would hunt down that pattern and sew it. Someday! (? I hope?)


Ali MacGraw’s coat in the 1970 movie Love Story. (photo credit)

Anne Holbrook

Anne Holbrook in 1974. I feel like I see a throughline in what I like – can’t you see similar styles in the 40s and the 60s? (photo credit)

The 70s jumpsuit is one of the most fun, sexiest, and bravest of all fashions. The 40s utilitarian vibe is my favorite. Gloves. Hats. Peter pan collars.


I can’t live without these 70s jeans.


Or this 60s sweater.


Or this fifties suit.

I can’t choose.

Outfit Post: I’m the Proud Owner of a Green Sweater

The new sweater parade continues! It’s a two-part parade! I bought this green 60s sweater (it doesn’t have a tag, but I assume it is 60s based off the style) at Jet Rag for $14 as well as the polka-dot long-sleeve shirt underneath. I LOVE this sweater and the button-down. I love them together. I wore this outfit on Thursday and again on Saturday because I just can’t help myself. The only bad part is that I don’t really have any good pants to wear, so I wore jeggings. Gross.

Check out that cute little polka-dot collar peeking out!

Paired with my cool 60’s clip-on earrings. They’re the best, I can’t even feel them when they’re on.

Drinking looks stupid.

It was raining yesterday and this hat really came in handy – my roommate bought it for me! In her words, she saw it and thought “Only Erika could pull this off” so she got it for me. How sweet. And it’s fun to have someone else describe your style.

Here’s me attempting to give you a more complete look at the outfit (I was wearing Converse, as well) but this photo also works in case you were thinking, “Why is she so anti-jeggings? They seem cool.” See? They are not cool.

This is my “sophisticated” pose.

So there you go.

Sweater – Jet Rag – $14

Button-down – Jet Rag – $12

Fucking jeggings – Target – $10?

Hat – Target – my roommate

Earrings – Etsy – $7

Watch – ┬áTarget – $10 (I know it’s not vintagey, but I like this watch. Analog is too hard for my tiny brain to comprehend).

My First Dress

Since I was 15 I have generally refused to go shopping because I didn’t like how I looked and I assumed it would eventually change. I’d lose some weight, buy some clothes, gain some weight, not have anything to wear and refuse to buy anything new until my mom forced me to because I only wore sweatpants, etc. A couple months ago I decided to rehaul my wardrobe because I’m 23 years old and I’m not ready to accept defeat and just be ugly yet. Here’s the first dress I bought!

It’s a dead stock mustard-colored dress with a bit of a drop waist and gold-colored buttons on one shoulder. It has a 50’s-60’s union tag, a metal zipper, a hand-sewn hem, and it’s made with Orlon acrylic so I think it’s from right around 1960. Though I could be wrong, as I often am. I’ve worn the dress a bunch of times since I bought it and I love it – I always feel pretty and I get a lot of nice compliments. Only one person has asked if I was wearing a costume, and when I said no he felt terrible. Which is great. So much power!


With a sweater, a big gold rope necklace, and some crazy (80’s?) clip-on earrings I inherited from my grandmother.


Sorry i don’t take good pictures of myself. actually i’m not sorry. let’s all chill out, guys. stop flipping out about my bad photos! cut it out!


More clip-on earrings. These ones are pretty rad. Too bad my grandma’s dead so I can’t ask her where/when she got them.


Yeah i liked how I did my hair.

So there you go. Buy a new dress, it’ll change your life.