My Current Wish List: Home Decor Edition

I never really cared what my room looked like – as long as it was relatively clean, didn’t have a bug infestation, didn’t smell like garbage, and has some pictures of my family around, I was good. Lately as I’ve gotten more into fashion and making my life beautiful, I feel a greater need to surround myself with beauty in my own space. There are several items I’m just dying to buy right now and hopefully if I have some money left over after tax season (why are taxes such a bitch when I’m wellllll below the poverty line?), I will buy some of them. Or if I find same major bargains. Wish me luck?

1) An antique dressing screen.

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 6.48.03 AM

These are in general ridiculously expensive, but I’d really like one to block off my plastic drawers. I can’t afford an actual dresser so I have cheap plastic drawers from Target where I put my clothes that don’t need to be hung up. Instead of splurging on a dresser that would be heavy and hard to move, not to mention difficult to get into my small room, I’d love a screen to cordon off that part of my room. Also a dressing screen is just insanely glamorous.

2) A fringe Victorian lamp. If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love these.


3) A victrola/phonograph/gramophone. Or a record player. This is more of a far-off wishlist item, most likely, because they’re expensive and I don’t NEED one.

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 6.55.36 AM

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 6.58.21 AM

4) A vintage/antique/Victorian-style curtain.

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 7.00.15 AM

My room used to be a porch (right now you are like DANG GIRL, YOU ARE POOR, and you are absolutely right. I also have to walk through my roommate’s room to get to my room) so my door is a large sliding glass door currently covered with large pieces of construction paper (so classy), partially obscured by the giant German flag you have likely seen in the background of some of my outfit photos (I’m German. Not a Nazi. There’s a difference). I’d love to hang a beautiful curtain over my door to cover it up (not the flag. The ugly door. I’m into parentheses today).


And I also want a satin pillowcase and a nice face towel, but those are boring.

Are you guys into interior decorating? Anything you’re currently wishing for?

I Learned a New Skill!

Brief post ahead! I’ve been working like crazy this week and last night I was so tired that I decided not to do my hair – I figured I haven’t seen my natural hair texture for a while, so why not let it out to play? But when I woke up this morning I missed my pin curls so I did a dry set! I can’t help myself!





And here I am looking extremely cool in sunglasses that just happen to match my sweater! I’m also wearing my great-great-grandmother’s pocket watch on a chain. I’ll have to do a whole post about it.

Also this week…



I learned how to knit! I went to a knitting meetup and a really nice woman named Carine spent over an hour teaching me how to knit. It was so incredibly nice of her. Obviously I’m a long way from actually making anything but I find knitting really fun and I want to keep doing it.

And I know it’s not even February yet, but –



We put up our Valentine’s tree! OK i just took the Christmas ornaments off and put Valentine’s ones on. We’ve decided we’re going to the THAT house that leaves their decorations up all year long. Every day is special!

My Retro Christmas Tree and a Very Important Warning

Check out my first-ever (as an adult) Christmas tree!


By night it’s a Christmas tree. And by day it is…


Also a Christmas tree! The tree itself isn’t retro – I bought it at Target for $40. But a lot of the ornaments are! About half of my ornaments look like this:


All bunny-themed. For the last several years my aunt has given me a bunny-themed Christmas ornament taped to my Christmas present. She’s very sweet.

The other half of my ornaments were my grandma Elaine’s from right around 1950, when she got her first Christmas tree as an adult. When my mom cleaned out Elaine’s house after she died in 2007 she was just going to throw them away (my mom is an anti-hoarder and wonderfully unsentimental) but I requested that we keep them. They were among the few possessions I packed in my Toyota Corolla when I moved out here three years ago and now I finally get to use them!


So fifties!




I t hink this one is my favorite:


Skiing Santa!

And now, time for a very important PSA. Ladies, get serious about throwing your makeup away.¬†I haven’t ever been very diligent about it and this week I got a sty, which is an infection of one of the glands in your eyelid. Disgusting, right? And horrible timing, because I AM SHOOTING MY PILOT THIS WEEKEND. One of the biggest events of my career thus far and I have a swollen, red, gross-looking eye. I’m pretty sure I got it from some liquid eyeliner that I hadn’t used in a couple months, so it was probably too old for me to be using. Mascara and liquid eye liner are supposed to be thrown away after three months, and I assure you I will be doing that from now on. If you’re worried about the price, I’ll just tell you that my antibiotic cost $30 so you can spend $30 on an antibiotic ointment for your eye or on new makeup. I know this message is a jarring change of pace from the first half of the post, but I didn’t exactly want to write an entire post on my disgusting eye sty. There are some things you can do if you get a sty but really just don’t share your makeup, clean your brushes, and throw your shit away after three months. DO IT. Love ya!