Outfit Post: Silky Fifties


I got a new dress for Christmas from my mom and stepdad and I got to wear it on a warm LA day. God almighty I love this dress. And still loving my new ear piercings. Good thing I guess, seeing as I spent a faaaair amount of money on them. Oh yeah and they’re holes pierced through my skin.


50s silk dress – Cactus Flower vintage store in Bloomington, Indiana

60s Blue Orlon acrylic sweater – Etsy

Jade earrings – bought in China

Lipstick – L’Oreal Target Red


Also don’t hate me but I didn’t pin curl my hair… but it looks like I did. Isn’t that crazy? I have curly hair and I’ve been experimenting with just treating it like a pin curl set – including an extreme amount of hair brushing – and it’s been working. ME MAYBE GENIUS?




My absolute favorite thing about this dress is that I wore it to go get my medical marijuana card (for migraines). TAKE THAT, STEREOTYPES. I’m not even really a marijuana person that much but I appreciate that in LA we have the freedom to legally partake (within limits) and I think everyone should get their card and thus reduce the stigma. LA has been good enough to extend this freedom and I need to take them up on it. FREE BIRD 2013


Outfit Post: Jetset Pink and Green

I didn’t have anywhere to go yesterday but I reached my sweatpants limit and got dressed just to clean my room and read half of the internet.



You’ve seen the dress before but not the scarf and I tell ya, I felt like a genius when I stumbled upon this combination.



I called this jetset pink and green because a cute scarf around the neck reminds me of 60’s flight attendants. And look at my nails! They’re painted, but NOT red! I’m branching out! And I have on PINK lipstick (which I think I’ve only done once on the blog so far, hated, and apologized for).



Love dat scarf. I also tried something different with my makeup which I ended up really liking. You may or may not know that I am very into the Titanic and other early 20th century maritime history – you probably don’t know, seeing as I haven’t told you – but I wanted to try a makeup look inspired by the early 1900’s – flushed, rosy, glowy, yet natural. I mixed a highlighter in with my foundation, put on powder and blush, then on my eyes I just put a little bit of champagne eyeshadow all over and some rose colored blush near the lashline. Topped off with mascara and rose-colored lipstick and it’s an extremely light makeup look but I really felt beautiful.



Oh and that bracelet snagged my dress. Go to hell, bracelet.

I have something I simply MUST share with you. Do you watch Mad Men? Well, you should. But regardless, you should read the costume analysis on Tom and Lorenzo. They go through essentially every outfit on the show and analyze it based off of what it says about the character (in general and in the moment) and give them some historical context. It’s totally fascinating and I’ve spent hours catching up on the archives. Watching fashion change from the late 50’s to the point where you can see the 70’s around the corner is absolutely fascinating and if you care about historical fashion at all, you must read it. I can tell from their analysis, though, how little of a “modern” eye I have for fashion. They’ll talk about the clothes that still look good today versus those that were stylish in the 60s but appear dated now and I always seem to love those outfits. Whatever, it’s cool. Somebody’s gotta be your grandma, might as well be me.

Outfit Post: Sophisticated Purple and Jade

Today I get to show you one of the dresses I had made in China! I had one other dress and a couple made that I’ll try and remember to take photos of soon. I showed the tailors this photo:



And here’s how it turned out:





I had to add the belt because the dress looked pretty undefined without it – they didn’t get the hip right at all and really underdid the ruching in the bust (and I think didn’t measure my bust right, as it pretty much has the effect of erasing the ruching almost altogether). That said, I think it’s still a pretty dress and it will be good for the times when I want to dress vintage without endangering one of my actual vintage dresses.



I tried to take a picture where you could actually see the bodice better but I feel like my iPhone was not cooperating.







I was also wearing some new Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner I got and jade earrings I bought in China. I love them.



And my cute barrette!



And a friend of mine put up a picture on Instagram from an improv show I did. It’s funny, I think you can kind of tell how much curlier my hair gets through the day if I’m not brushing it every 20 minutes.

All in all, getting clothes made was a mixed experience. I think I wouldn’t get a dress made again because it’s easy enough to find great dresses without spending a lot of money (although repro is expensive, pretty much as a rule). I’ll check back in with the other dress and the blouses soon and let you know what I thought of those!

Outfit Post: Sexy Sadie Hawkins

I have a gorgeous 1960s green brocade sheath dress that I never have the occasion to wear because it is 1) very fancy, and 2) very tight. As in too tight to drive in or pick up anything off the ground. I had a big Sadie Hawkin’s themed party at my house on Saturday and it seemed the perfect occasion to wear it!


A big messy updo and fake eyelashes added to the look. I did my hair by putting about half of it up in a high ponytail, and then bobby pinning hair around so you couldn’t really tell what was happening, and then put on the headband. I was convinced I’d either look crazy or super hot but I think it turned out more on the super hot side.


I actually think this is probably the “sexiest” I’ve ever looked. It was kind of fun. Definitely feels like playing pretend.



My friend directed me to do some “sexy” poses.




That’s me laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of doing sexy poses.


If I could wear fake eyelashes every day I would, but I think it’s a bit too much for everyday life.


There’s my roommates and me! And apparently the only picture in which you can see my bad-ass shoes.

Happy Sadie Hawkins, everyone!

Outfit Post: Forested Photo Shoot

I bought a new dress and for once I have great photos to share! My friend and I went to Angeles National Forest on Thursday and she had the great idea to dress up and take pictures of each other. What else are nature-loving ladies like ourselves going to do?


Dress and belt: 70s does 40s, Jet Rag ($24!) I love the atomic print.

Shoes: Aerosoles (I don’t like these but I wanted sensible shoes for the forest)


This might be one of my favorite pictures ever taken of me. I think I look very vintage glamorous in it.






823363_548294737173_1629690315_o (1)


It was so much fun, we’re already talking about doing another one!

Outfit Post: Lady in Black

You guys have to see one of the dresses I got for Christmas. It’s one of the three late thirties/early forties (my guess – if you have further insight, please let me know) dresses I found in Lawrence, Kansas that cost me $28 each.


Here I am wearing it on my birthday (along with my new birthday shoes, which I’m going to post about later).


Here I styled it with a belt – it can be such a fancy-looking dress that I wanted to dress it down a bit and I think the belt did that well.


Look at that detailing on the hip and the pleated satiny fabric on that side. It’s amazing.


It has more detailing on the left side above the bust. It’s gorgeous. Sorry for how washed out I am – it’s really hard to take good timer pictures of myself and my skin is crazy white.


I put my hair up in Tasha’s back roll with a scarf. It’s a very fancy dress but I don’t really believe in special occasions so I’m going to wear it anyway! I didn’t take a photo of it, but when I went out in the afternoon I wore a pink jacket over it that also served to make the dress more day-appropriate. I just don’t like the idea of saving clothes for nice occasions – I don’t have a lot of those occasions, and when I do that’s exciting enough without the addition of a fancy outfit. I’d rather wear my nice clothes regularly and have every day feel special.

Outfit Post: Harold and Mauve

I’m visiting my dad and stepmom (and my three siblings) in Lawrence, Kansas for Christmas and we went to Mass Ave on Christmas Eve so the kids could see Santa. We passed the vintage store Wild Man and my dad said we could stop in and he’d buy a couple things for me for Christmas/my birthday.


And oh. my. god. Look what I found.



I found three late 30s/early 40s dresses in my size. The fact that they fit me wonderfully and come from the same era make me think that the same woman owned them all. Because what are the chances?



The dresses only cost about $25 each. Mindblowing.





Look at that gorgeous detail.



And the buttons! I am so glad none of them have fallen off.

I don’t have an exact era for the dress but I have some clues. By the look of it, I think early forties. Pinked seams. This interesting hook and eye closure:



And the interesting shoulder pads:



And there’s only one tag in the whole dress.



Which I can’t seem to find any info on. And there’s no union tag.

Even if I assume the other dresses come from the same era, they’re of no help as one of them has no tag and the other has an equally inscrutable one. I’ll post about all the dresses individually. I was going to address the aforeseen cardigan as well, but I’ve decided it’s so special it deserves its own post. 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are gearing up for an exciting new year. I’ll just be hanging out at my dad’s house for the next few days, celebrating my birthday on the 30th, and then flying home on NYE so I can go party!

Outfit Post: Lady In Red & My New Vintage Hairbrush!

The pilot for Today Is History is shooting next weekend and I needed to buy a brightly-colored dress – my director requested yellow or cranberry. I went to Jet Rag, the only LA vintage store where I have ever actually found things I like – LA vintage stores seem very catered towards a hippie/hipster aesthetic with a lot of non-vintage clothes mixed in. And really high prices. I tried on a bunch of dresses and here’s the winner:


I think it’s hilarious how miserable I look in that picture. That’s in their dressing room! I wore the dress the next day to make sure I wouldn’t hate it:



It’s a pink/red 1970s shirtwaist dress with two pockets on the chest and button-up 3/4 sleeves.


I look weird in this picture but I wanted to show you the length.

All in all my verdict is – it’s not necessarily what I would think of as “my style,” as it’s a bit more modern-looking than I prefer, but it was $22, it fits the bill for the show, and I like that it’s very easy to wear. I think it’s a perfect dress for a day when you don’t really have the energy to get all dolled up or wear anything constricting. I also love the length – it is SO hard to find a modern dress that length, everything is above-the-knee (which is generally too short in my opinion) or a maxi dress to the floor. And this dress swishes around so nicely that it makes you feel pretty and I think would be awesome to dance in.

It also matches my new hairbrush and comb:


They’re deadstock from the 60s – I bought them on Etsy and she has two sets left! And best of all they only cost $5 with $2 shipping.


I needed a new brush anyways and I just can’t buy something modern when I have the option of buying something vintage. It’s so much more fun.



It has cute instructions on how to brush your hair 100 times a day. Which I have probably been doing just because I want to use my new hairbrush. Do you try and buy vintage items besides clothing? What about the stuff that you use every day, like my hairbrush?

Outfit Post: My Thanksgiving Ensemble

For our Thanksgiving dinner I wore my new pink 1970s Leslie Fay pink dress and jacket (I wore an apron while I was cooking and serving food).


I love this outfit! I felt so pretty all day long and got a lot of really nice compliments.


I wore my Beyond Skin shoes that I’ve owned for several years – they’re a great vegan shoe brand and these shoes have a definite retro look.


Here’s the dress without the jacket. Isn’t the matching belt so cute?


We also had a nice Thanksgiving dinner – I made Tofurkey sausages in buns, cornbread, cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts and spinach in a vegan butter sauce, and chocolate chip cake. And there were no complaints from our meat-eating guests about the vegan meal. I wouldn’t have put up with any, but luckily no-one tried. I did warn everyone that I would forcibly eject them from my home if they complained, but as I said, nobody complained.

I reached a point after dinner where I felt quite done with talking to people (I’m like that – I can only socialize for so long before I need some alone time) and I snuck off to my room and took these pictures while my roommate and all our guests chatted in the living room. What a weirdo.

My First Dress

Since I was 15 I have generally refused to go shopping because I didn’t like how I looked and I assumed it would eventually change. I’d lose some weight, buy some clothes, gain some weight, not have anything to wear and refuse to buy anything new until my mom forced me to because I only wore sweatpants, etc. A couple months ago I decided to rehaul my wardrobe because I’m 23 years old and I’m not ready to accept defeat and just be ugly yet. Here’s the first dress I bought!


It’s a dead stock mustard-colored dress with a bit of a drop waist and gold-colored buttons on one shoulder. It has a 50’s-60’s union tag, a metal zipper, a hand-sewn hem, and it’s made with Orlon acrylic so I think it’s from right around 1960. Though I could be wrong, as I often am. I’ve worn the dress a bunch of times since I bought it and I love it – I always feel pretty and I get a lot of nice compliments. Only one person has asked if I was wearing a costume, and when I said no he felt terrible. Which is great. So much power!


With a sweater, a big gold rope necklace, and some crazy (80’s?) clip-on earrings I inherited from my grandmother.


Sorry i don’t take good pictures of myself. actually i’m not sorry. let’s all chill out, guys. stop flipping out about my bad photos! cut it out!


More clip-on earrings. These ones are pretty rad. Too bad my grandma’s dead so I can’t ask her where/when she got them.


Yeah i liked how I did my hair.

So there you go. Buy a new dress, it’ll change your life.