New 40’s-Style Headshots!



I can’t believe I’ve been MIA for so long! I’ve been out of town and busy and blablabla. I’ve still been wearing vintage, though, don’t worry. 😉 I got some new headshots taken recently and I did my best 40’s glam – what do you think? (BTW the one above I didn’t use as a headshot because of lighting issues but I included it here because I thought it was cute!)





I feel like my hair was especially big that day but doesn’t it have a Rita Hayworth vibe? I feel like I get 90% of my fashion inspiration these days from this photo:



I will admit I’ve been having some vintage styling issues this summer:

1) When I started buying vintage it was cold out so most of my clothes are fall/winter clothes!

2) It’s hot and I don’t want to wear the more restrictive vintage styles but sometimes I don’t know how to style a vintage outfit without a girdle and stockings!

3) Too hot and sweaty to really do my hair and makeup (I don’t have A/C).

Do you guys change your vintage style at all in the summer? Have any tips for me? 😀

Outfit Post: Harold and Mauve

I’m visiting my dad and stepmom (and my three siblings) in Lawrence, Kansas for Christmas and we went to Mass Ave on Christmas Eve so the kids could see Santa. We passed the vintage store Wild Man and my dad said we could stop in and he’d buy a couple things for me for Christmas/my birthday.


And oh. my. god. Look what I found.



I found three late 30s/early 40s dresses in my size. The fact that they fit me wonderfully and come from the same era make me think that the same woman owned them all. Because what are the chances?



The dresses only cost about $25 each. Mindblowing.





Look at that gorgeous detail.



And the buttons! I am so glad none of them have fallen off.

I don’t have an exact era for the dress but I have some clues. By the look of it, I think early forties. Pinked seams. This interesting hook and eye closure:



And the interesting shoulder pads:



And there’s only one tag in the whole dress.



Which I can’t seem to find any info on. And there’s no union tag.

Even if I assume the other dresses come from the same era, they’re of no help as one of them has no tag and the other has an equally inscrutable one. I’ll post about all the dresses individually. I was going to address the aforeseen cardigan as well, but I’ve decided it’s so special it deserves its own post. 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are gearing up for an exciting new year. I’ll just be hanging out at my dad’s house for the next few days, celebrating my birthday on the 30th, and then flying home on NYE so I can go party!

My Vintage Christmas and Birthday


I celebrated Christmas early with my brother, step-dad, and mom on Saturday, and I got some wonderful vintage presents! I always have multiple Christmases because my mom and dad live in different states. My mom has lived in Indiana and my dad in Kansas since I was 7. Sometimes we all get together for Christmas but this year I’ll have to settle for two Christmases. Poor me.


Here’s my brother and I with our stockings! Besides my fuzzy purple socks I am wearing a vintage outfit (my pink early 70’s dress and jacket) with pin curl waves.


Us shaking hands after we both got gloves – Derek got texting gloves and I got blue mesh 1950’s gloves. They’re gorgeous.





We went to lunch and when we came back, it was my birthday! My birthday’s actually the 30th, but my mom wanted to be able to celebrate with me.



I got these shoes, which I think have such a nice 40’s look. And aren’t they reminiscent of the shoes Rachel McAdams wears in the bicycle scene in The Notebook?



And this cute serving tray my mom bought me in France.



And the most glamorous gift – the hat.



I originally thought it looked very forties but when I researched the hatmaker I found 1) very little 2) that most of the hats made by that manufacturer are listed as 60’s, some 50s, but then one was described as late 30’s. So I cannot figure out when this hat manufacturer was in business!



It can look black, but it’s actually a very dark navy.



It didn’t have too far to go in life – born in Indianapolis and my mom bought it in Bloomington, an hour south.



Though some of its parts had a more exotic provenance.

If you have any idea when this hat was made, please let me know!

Merry Christmas Eve and I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families, whether you celebrate a holiday this time of year or not (my whole family is nonreligious but we enjoy the Christmas decorations and the presents) and maybe even some vintage presents under the tree!

My Questions about Vintage Clothing. Help Me Out!

I’m pretty new to vintage and really just new to having nice things. So I still have questions, and if you have any of the answers please help me out!

  • How do you pack your clothes when you travel? I’m about to go home for Christmas and I’m used to just rolling my clothes and stuffing them in my suitcase but I certainly don’t want to treat my nice vintage clothes that way. 
  • Are stockings uncomfortable? What I’m most concerned about is thigh rub – like many women, my thighs touch each other and rub together when I walk. This can lead to some really uncomfortable chafing if it’s hot or you walk a lot. I also just don’t necessarily enjoy the feeling of my legs rubbing, so I usually wear tights or pants. I want to try out stockings – specifically I’d like to get a girdle, and those require stockings – but I’m concerned about this issue. Any insight?
  • Not clothing exactly, but where do you find out about vintage events? I don’t know any other vintage lovers but I would like to, and I know there have to be a ton in LA.
  • Where do you find a petticoat that doesn’t go above the knee (what’s up with that?) and doesn’t cost a satchel full of gold?
  • Can you wear swing dance shoes outside? I feel like the only cute shoes I can find are swing dance shoes and I want to wear them!!

If you have an answer to any of these questions, I would very much appreciate it! I’m sure I will post more questions as they come up. Let’s make this a two-way street!