Outfit Post: I Could Like Totally Have an Office Job

I have some very exciting developments. One, I figured out if I take my pictures before the sun goes down, my pictures look better. How incredible. Also this way you get to see all my books! It’s a respectable collection. And two, I looked very nice today.

1970s Button-down – Jet Rag

Skirt – part of a 1950s suit I bought on Etsy (CranCove, more specifically)

Sweater tights – Target

Shoes (unpictured) are red moccasins I’ve had since 10th grade.

When it got a bit chillier at night I wore the suit jacket, as well. I’ve worn the suit before but I didn’t take pictures, so I’ll have to wear it again and stun you all!

I guess I can say that purse is vintage 90s now – it was my mom’s until she realized she hates purses.

Pretty sure that hair flower was part of a gift wrapping or something. Not intended to be worn. And the clip-on earrings were my grandmother’s. They also happen to be my most painful clip-ons but they’re so pretty!

Before I started wearing red lipstick regularly a couple months ago, I’d only ever worn it to prom. But now it feels so me and I really prefer red to any other color.

My roommate and I went shopping – I was looking for pants (total fail) and shoes I can walk in (also huge fail – it turns out LA vintage/thrift stores only carry six-foot-tall Lady Gaga heels). But I did buy this beret for $8 at Jet Rag – I had been wanting more hats so I now own three hats that are completely unrelated to sun protection (as opposed to all hats I owned previously, most of the “baseball” variety).

I took that picture while waiting for someone at a gas station. I was meeting her there because I needed to buy something from her (for work) and meeting someone at a darkened gas station to exchange money for goods is always a good, professional idea in Los Angeles. Anyhow, cool fucking beret, huh?

Even though my outfit was a tad fancy for Los Angeles, and especially for going shopping and then going and playing with a cat, which were my Sunday activities, I felt really nice in it all day.