Pictures from Today Is History



The official photos from the pilot shoot for Today Is History are here!






Turns out I look terrible as an Ancient Egyptian. Darn.




An authentic 1880’s shirt and suspenders. The pants had buttons for suspenders and laced up in the back.





Our 1880’s authentic French sailor. Those pants were skintight.



I tied those cravats on our 1880s congressmen!



Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I thought the wardrobe was pretty amazing.

Sorry for a paucity of posts, I’m back visiting my parents for Christmas. But we’ve been doing some fun vintage shopping so I’ll have some more posts soon! Maybe I’ll even convince my mom to take pictures of me.

Today Is History Pilot Taping!

This weekend my show Today Is History shot its pilot. Today Is History is a satirical news show set on different days throughout history – essentially asking, what if the Daily Show had always existed? We shot two episodes to pitch as a pilot – our King Tutankhamun episode and our episode about the dedication of the Statue of Liberty. I’m the creator, producer, and co-host of the show, but we had a ton of amazing writers, actors, and crew members who made it happen.


We had an on-set photographer so we’ll have a lot more great photos but I wanted to share some of the ones I took this weekend. Our wardrobe was amazing – that’s why I went to the Hollywood costume warehouses that I wrote about a couple weeks ago – and we had a lot of authentic 1880’s clothes on set that I think you guys will love.

I had to go back to the costume warehouse to get an authentic 1880s French sailor’s hat. I got to walk through this hall of hats:




Turns out there was a whole box of them!



I had to try it on.

I also saw a rack of “primitive” clothing at the wardrobe warehouse and had to take a picture of it:



Aren’t those crazy?

Anyways, on to set!



An Ancient Egyptian actor, of course.



Two of our 1880’s actors wearing period clothing. Button suspenders!



We shot in this house built in the 1800s – some of Six Feet Under was also shot here.





And our 1880s Congressmen. The set looked fantastic, and I learned how to tie a cravat! I’ll definitely post more pictures of the costumes once we get the set photos back, but I was so excited about this weekend that I couldn’t wait to share. I so hope our show gets picked up so we can make more episodes and continue to explore history!