Dapper Day at Disneyland!

I’m a Disneyland annual pass holder but this past weekend was my first ever Dapper Day! Dapper Day is an unofficial tradition where twice a year Disneygoers dress in their best, specifically in vintage fashions, to enjoy the park as the first fashionable guests did 60 years ago. The first day I went into the park and met some dapper people from Meetup! 

My dress is a 1940s vintage original bought at Wild Man Vintage in Lawrence, Kansas. Vintage scarf from my grandmother. Swing dance shoes from DanceStore.com and socks from the Disney store. 

Enjoying Disneyland and California Adventure in one of my cutest dresses was so fun, and I even waited ten minutes to get that picture with Dapper Mickey. I felt a little silly waiting in line to get a photo with a character – even though I am a full grown adult who goes to Disneyland at least twice a month. 🙂 

The next day brought even more fun at the Dapper Day classic car show and expo! 

  I loved this 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air and the owner was nice enough to let us get in it. I felt like James Dean.    
Dress: 1940s vintage original from Cactus Flower in Bloomington, Indiana 

Shoes and parasol bought in China 

Vegan leather bag: Matt and Nat  
I didn’t buy these cool glasses at the expo but I thought I looked cute 🙂   

So in love with this bag. If I had $70 to spare, this would be mine. 

With my dapper girls! 
And more classic car porn:


Dapper Day was a great time but I really do wish we could just live that way more often – wear our best clothes, feel beautiful, and take pride in our appearance. And man it was cool to carry a parasol without people giving me any weird looks. 

Until next year … 

My fancy vintage party!



To celebrate my birthday I had a fancy party where everyone was instructed to dress up in clothes inspired by the 20th century. I thought that left plenty of leeway (my friends are not vintage enthusiasts) and most people did really well!



I wore my great-grandmother’s top from the 50’s, a vintage black skirt, vintage clip-on chandelier earrings, and swing dance shoes.



Here’s one of my friends sipping tea from a teacup and saucer out of my mom’s china set.






Some of my guests! We had a greaser, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dorothy, and some good old-fashioned retro glamour.




My new favorite picture of my old roommate and me – I think we look late 1800’s in composition and facial expression.

All in all, it was a really fun party. We had tea and coffee so the non-drinkers would have things to drink, and several types of wine for the drinkers. I made celery sticks with peanut butter in them, which surprisingly went like hot cakes. We used my mom’s wedding china, vintage wine glasses, and my great-grandmother’s 1920s silver (I had a lot of careful cleaning to do after the party was over). One beautiful vintage glass of my grandmother’s did get broken, which was really upsetting. But I’ve decided to use my nice things and the only way to keep them all unbroken is to put them in a cabinet and not touch them. And then what’s the point?

Outfit Post: LBD

My aunt gave me this little black dress for Christmas and since it’s a scorcher today (40 degrees. Fahrenheit) I decided to wear it! It’s not vintage but it’s pretty vintage-appropriate, I think.






Black Primark dress
Beaded 50s cardigan
60s coat

Now I’m hanging out with my mom and – no joke – watching my birth video. It’s honestly pretty cool seeing yourself be born and it’s super weird seeing my parents young! My mom turned 24 right before I was born – I’m 25 now and I can’t imagine having a baby. It’s also really weird seeing my parents married. Oh, home videos. You are alternately fascinating, boring, and make me cry a lot.

It’s My Birthday!

It’s my birthday! For fun I found some pictures of me/my birthdays throughout the years!



Me at 3, a few days before my birthday.



Me at 12



Me at 16 with our beloved dog, Dog. I miss her. Only dog I’ve ever loved.



My 17th birthday!



My 18th birthday! We went bowling.



My 19th birthday.



21st birthday. No idea what happened to my 20th.



Also my 21st.



22nd skee ball birthday!


From today! My 25th birthday. Me and vegan pizza and a 60’s sweater.



The card my 4-year-old brother picked out for me. It says you could look everywhere and not find a kid as good as me!



Sorry for the terrible pictures but I wanted to show you the cape I got for my birthday. It’s awesome.

20131231-014706.jpgOne day I’ll figure out how to take better pictures, I swear.


It’s not so bad turning a quarter-century old – eventually I hope to be a century old so it’s interesting to know that the first quarter is complete, that story is told. When I was born we had VHS tapes and the Cold War and now it’s all iPhones and Obama. I can’t wait to see what the next 75 years bring.

Outfit Post: Silky Fifties


I got a new dress for Christmas from my mom and stepdad and I got to wear it on a warm LA day. God almighty I love this dress. And still loving my new ear piercings. Good thing I guess, seeing as I spent a faaaair amount of money on them. Oh yeah and they’re holes pierced through my skin.


50s silk dress – Cactus Flower vintage store in Bloomington, Indiana

60s Blue Orlon acrylic sweater – Etsy

Jade earrings – bought in China

Lipstick – L’Oreal Target Red


Also don’t hate me but I didn’t pin curl my hair… but it looks like I did. Isn’t that crazy? I have curly hair and I’ve been experimenting with just treating it like a pin curl set – including an extreme amount of hair brushing – and it’s been working. ME MAYBE GENIUS?




My absolute favorite thing about this dress is that I wore it to go get my medical marijuana card (for migraines). TAKE THAT, STEREOTYPES. I’m not even really a marijuana person that much but I appreciate that in LA we have the freedom to legally partake (within limits) and I think everyone should get their card and thus reduce the stigma. LA has been good enough to extend this freedom and I need to take them up on it. FREE BIRD 2013


Outfit Post: Yo, Ain’t You Supposed to Sleep in That?


I got some new underwear-type items that I had to try wearing out. How did I do?

Sweater – my great-grandmother’s from the fifties

60’s Bed Jacket – Hidden Closet vintage store in Bloomington, Indiana

60’s slip – Hidden Closet

50’s wool skirt – Jet Rag in LA (you’ve seen this one a million times)

Red high-top Converse – new Christmas present!


By the way I took this pictures at about 1 in the morning because I forgot to take them prior to going out… so PARDON ME.


That’s the top of the slip (tucked into the skirt) and the bed jacket. Pretty cute, eh? Eh?


I should have cropped this picture. Oh well too late and I’m lazy.

Can you believe me wearing a BED jacket out in public? What a harlot.

Casual Vintage for a Cold Indiana Day


I went and visited family in Indiana and felt COLD weather for the first time in a while! Luckily this casual 40s/50s winter outfit kept me pretty warm. I like this outfit because it feels like just the sort of thing a girl in the 40s or 50s would have worn when hanging out with her family in the cold months – it’s casual, conservative, not too fashion-forward but cute, warm, and comfortable.

Sweater – modern, my mom’s

Skirt – 50s, Jet Rag

Stockings and wool socks!

Boots – Target


I love these boots. They have lace on the sides (which I really should have taken a picture of) and give me an early 1900s feel.


Here’s my cousin and me! Don’t worry, I asked her if I could put her picture up. 🙂

It sounds crazy, but I wore skirts and dresses the whole time I was in 20-40 degree weather and I stayed warm. Between slips, thick skirts, stockings/hose/tights and socks, you can wear more layers than you could if you just wore pants! I’ll post some more cold-weather outfits in the next few days!

The Liebster Blog Award

The lovely Jip from Old-Fashioned at Heart gave me the Liebster Blog award!


I am so flattered! Thank you, Jip! You should definitely check out her blog if you haven’t already – she has seriously gorgeous vintage style and she writes in both English and German! I was born in Germany and German was my first language, though I learned English when I was 4 and it is now the language I am more comfortable with. So it was so fun to me to discover a vintage blog in German and English.

Here are the rules of the award:

1. Link and follow the blogger who awarded you
2. Blog about the award
3. Give the award to 5 other bloggers – preferably bloggers with less than 200 followers
4. Answer the 11 questions I asked you and create 11 questions to your 5 awarded bloggers


1. How did you discover vintage clothing ?
Wie hast du Vintage entdeckt ?
I discovered vintage clothing initially through 70s clothes – my mom loves the 70s and sometimes we’d go to vintage stores and I’d buy a cool shirt. But I only discovered  the “vintage lifestyle” a few months ago by seeing a clip at work (I transcribe reality television). I immediately thought these vintage women were the coolest and I couldn’t believe it never occurred to me before that you could actually wear vintage clothes all the time.
2. If you could only take one vintage item you own to an abandoned island, what would it be ?
Wenn du nur ein Ding (was vintage ist) nach einem Insel mitnehmen könntest, was würde es dann sein ?
I hate when people give practical, realistic answers to desert island questions so I will say my gray 1950s suit. I love it and I think I would look smart in it and that would help me feel better even if I was all alone.
3. Is there a lot of vintage in the city where you live ?
Gibt es viel vintage wo du wohnst ?
I live in LA, so there’s a lot of everything, including vintage. Unfortunately a lot of the vintage stores here cater towards the hippie/hipster look – lots of 70s and 80s, pretty much no 40s or earlier, not very much 50s and 60s. Most vintage stores have designer vintage clothes, cowboy boots, and some new clothes mixed in with the vintage. I prefer Etsy!
4. Did you discover new hobbies or interests after you discovered vintage ?
Hast du neue Hobby’s oder Interessen entdeckt nachdem du Vintage entdeckt hast ?
Yes, although I’m not far enough along in either of them to say that they’re my hobbies yet – more like aspirational hobbies. I’m asking for basic knitting supplies for Christmas because I would really like to learn how to knit. I’m already signed up for a knitting meetup in January. I also want to learn to swingdance. I’ve always loved dancing and I found some swingdance classes that I’m going to take in January. I’ve already roped a friend into going with me so I’ll definitely go!
5. For how long have you been wearing  vintage ?
Wie lange trägst du schon Vintage Kleidung ?
I’ve been wearing the odd vintage item since I was a kid, and some 70s clothes since high school (and often second-hand – I’ve rarely bought new clothes), but I only started really trying to revamp my wardrobe to be fully vintage in September.
6. Are you sometimes afraid ripping seams in old clothing or broken soles of shoes becaus of their age ?
Hast du manchmal Angst das durch das Tragen Vintage Kleidung kaputt geht ? Denke an aufgerissene Nähte bei Kleider oder an Sohlen bei Schuhe.
I am totally afraid of that, especially since I don’t know how to sew (I can sew on a button or mend a small tear, but I wouldn’t want to sew anything that would actually show since I’d be afraid of doing a bad job). I’m actually mostly afraid of staining clothes, because I’m not always the most prim and proper person.
7. Have you ever worn seamed stockings in winter (despite the temperature) because you thought they were more vintage/prettier than thights ?
Hast du schon Mal im Winter Nylons getragen weil du die schöner fand als Strumpfhosen, obwohl es kalt war ?
I haven’t, but I know I will. First of all, winter doesn’t get that cold here (thank God). But I’m already getting a bit fed up with tights and I’m planning on buying a girdle after the holidays and going the way of stockings.
8. Do you also adapt vintage to your daily life ?
Verarbeitest du im Alltag noch mehr vintage als nur die Kleidung ?
I have definitely noticed that I am incorporating vintage into my daily life. When you wear vintage clothes, some things are just necessary – washing clothes in a more careful manner, wearing an apron. I’ve also wanted to be cleaner in general because it feels weird to be immaculately dressed with a messy room. I also just don’t have a lot of interest in modern things anymore when I know that there’s a fun vintage alternative out there, so I know I’ll be buying vintage home goods from now on, as well.
9. Who is your vintage fashion icon and why ?
Wer is deinen Vorbild wenn es um Vintage Mode geht und weshalb ?
I recently wrote about Rita Hayworth, who I love for her classic and fun style with some androgynous and utilitarian touches. I’ve also always loved Ava Gardner for being crazy sexy and Farrah Fawcett for her fun, athletic clothes. I think it’s clear that I love big hair. Oh and Ingrid Bergman and Dorothy Dandrige. OK, I’m done.
10.Do you have any pets?
Hast du Haustiere ?
I don’t! I’m not really responsible enough. I love cats, though. And my friend has a chinchilla and ever since I saw it I’ve been obsessed with it.
11. Why did you start blogging ?
Wann hast du angefangen zu Bloggen ?
I just realized that the English question asked why, but the German question asked when. So I’ll answer both. I honestly started blogging because my therapist said I needed a hobby since usually all I do is work and feel guilty if I’m not working. I also wanted to have motivation to dress up and feel beautiful since I went a couple years without feeling very pretty. I started blogging on a “health and lifestyle” blog three years ago but gave that up a year ago and started a comedy blog on Tumblr (which I still have – erikaheidewald.tumblr.com) but I’ve only been vintage blogging for about a month.
My 5 bloggers I choose:
Natalie at Natalie1Day
1) Can you do a craft? e.g. sewing, knitting, etc? If so, how did you learn?
2) What vintage item are you currently on the lookout to buy?
3) What item of clothing do you wear that modern people might consider weird? Like a girdle, a corset, a bonnet? I don’t know. Why am I trying to answer your question for you?
4) How do you most often style your hair?
5) How do your family and friends feel about you dressing vintage? Do they ever tease you?
6) Let’s say you could live in the past for one year. Which year would it be?
7) Do you have a favorite makeup technique? What is it?
8) What type of vintage store/item/event do you wish you had in your city?
9) Do you wear vintage or modern shoes? Where do you get them?
10) What modern fashion trend do you especially dislike?
11) Are there any fashion trends from your favorite era that you don’t like?
Come on, don’t pretend this is not fun. It is fun.

Outfit Post: A Riveting New Sheath Dress


I got a new dress off of Etsy – it’s a black 1950s sheath dress with red flecks in the fabric. It’s supposed to be a wiggle dress, but it’s not quite that tight on me so it’s more of just a comfortable dress. I like it because I think it’s nice enough to dress up, but not so nice that I can’t just wear it around to do errands.


The color looks gray here, but you can see the fabric and the cute collar.

And it has pockets!

And dramatic makeup to match. God I love me a cat eye. Ever since I learned to do it a month ago I can’t stop.

And when it got chillier, I paired it with my new sixties jacket. I know I’m making a weird face in that picture but it’s the only picture I could get to come out that wasn’t way too dark or way overexposed.

You can finally see my shoes! I bought these Mason shoes off Etsy and I have no idea when they’re from because Mason made shoes for a long time and I can’t find any info on how to date them. But they’re in good condition which makes me guess 80s.

And if you’re curious to see the dress (or me) in action, I wore it last night to do standup!