Summer Style

I’ve definitely been undergoing a style transformation lately. It’s weird how one day you can just wake up and be like eh, I don’t want to wear these clothes anymore. I still love my vintage clothes, and I’m keeping them, but at least right now I won’t be wearing them very often.

Right now, summer style means:

  • tanktops
  • shorts
  • sunglasses
  • flip-flops
  • printed shirts
  • friendship bracelets
  • minimal makeup
  • of course, tons of sunscreen

But anyway, let’s look at some cute outfits I’ve been wearing lately 🙂


White tanktop with anchors on it from Pitaya and a headband from Claire’s.


Heart sweatshirt from Victoria’s Secret. I love this sweatshirt so much.


I love this outfit! Shirt is from American Eagle, shorts from Urban Outfitters.


I saw this shirt at Target and thought 1) that’s the dumbest shirt ever 2) I neeeeeed it.


Me being a cool lumberjack

IMG_8476 IMG_8518

New sunglasses from Target!



And finally, new summer hair. I am loving it. I think lighter hair might be more flattering on me than darker hair, even though I naturally have really dark hair. I just started really wanting to switch up my hair!

I know I haven’t been posting much for a while but I have some more posts ready! Next up will be a review of some natural beauty/hygiene products I’ve purchased recently.

Hope you’re having a great summer!

Getting Some Grays? WHAT TO DOOOO?! (Cue Unnecessary Despair)

I have a confession that I once swore to take to my grave – I have some gray hair. I got my first gray hair when I was 16. I started dying my grays when I was 24. I’m 25 now, and it bums me out. I did come up with a pretty cool solution, though, and I’d like to share it if you’re interested.

If you are just like FUCK YEAH I HAVE GRAY HAIR then good for you. I’m not one of you, but it takes all kinds.

Dying your hair can be pretty shitty for its long-term health. Temporary dye, though? Not so bad. “But I’d have to dye it so often!” you cry. Well, newsflash. If you don’t want anyone to notice you have gray hair, you’ll have to dye it all the time anyway unless your hair magically never grows. Or you get a wig. Or you put it up in a bun and wear hats. Or you wear hijab and don’t care if your close family and female friends know you have gray hair. You get what I’m saying.

I love my hair color so I didn’t want to dye it all away. I also didn’t want to try to approximate my hair color, because it would probably be wrong and also that’s boring. So I bought a box of black (good staying power and looks cool) 28-wash hair color and used my fingers to cover up all the areas that have gray hair – mostly around my temples, and a little near the crown and in my bangs. I pulled the hair dye all the way down the hair even though the gray is only right at the top, because to do otherwise would look ridiculous. I put a couple other randomly-placed black streaks in so that it wouldn’t be so obvious what I’d done. Then I waited 15 minutes, washed it out… conditioned it… waited for it to dry… and voila. I look fucking cool and not like I’m aging at a terrifyingly rapid clip.


See the black streaks mixed with my natural color? Subtle but cool.

This is really easy and I managed to go about a month and a half/two months without having to dye it again (probably because I dyed it black and that has super staying power). Also I stopped pulling out my gray hairs because then they grow back and they’re all short and stick straight out and are hard to dye.

Even if you’re horrible at home beauty, this is super easy. Try it if you want. Or rock that gray hair/hat/headscarf/wig/hands-covering your-head-at-all-times. Your choice! Choice is beautiful!





Outfit Post: Sweater, Barrette, New Book!



OK so it’s an outfit post where you can’t actually see my outfit. I took some pictures but my sweater was so dark it didn’t photograph very well.

Barrette – bought in Hong Kong

Clip-on earrings and rings – passed down from my grandmother

Olive acrylic sweater – my mom’s

Gray 50’s pencil skirt (part of a suit) – Etsy

And my NEW BOOK! I am a bit of a Titanic enthusiast. I am a lot of a Titanic enthusiast. The conceit of this book is that it’s an owner’s manual – like you would have for your car – so I can learn more about the inner workings of Titanic, her engineering and operation. Truly a Loser’s Delight.

By the way, I already had Christmas with my mom, brother, and step-dad while I was visiting them in Indiana so I have some new and super-cool shit to show you guys in the next week. I’ll give you a hint – one of them is now the oldest piece of vintage clothing I own, by far. 😀 😀 😀

All You Need Is Lipstick and a Hairstyle

Dresses and stockings are great but some days you either can’t or simply don’t want to put so much effort into getting ready. The other day I had an improv show late at night and I’d just taken a shower after the gym. I didn’t particularly want to get all dressed up just for this hour-long show and then go back home and go to sleep, but I also know that when I don’t dress up at all I tend to feel unattractive. And why put myself through that?

I therefore introduce my patented look-great method of: All You Need Is Lipstick and a Hairstyle.



Casual jeans and a hoodie I bought in the Target boys’ section suddenly become an outfit. (And it has a cute sailor vibe, don’t you think?) It’s by no means a dressy outfit but it allowed me to dress down without feeling schlubby.



When I first started wearing vintage I noticed that no matter what I was wearing, if I was wearing lipstick and any sort of hat people would comment on how “fancy” or “dressed-up” I looked. It made me self-conscious at first but now it reminds me I’m doing something right.




The bow is of my very own creation! I’ve been knitting like a madman recently and I made this for myself and I really like it. What do you all think?







And thus concludes this extremely simple style lesson.

I Got a Haircut! Eek!

I got a haircut! I’d been frustrated by my bangs and I wanted them thicker and get a trim. When I got to the hairdresser, she said my ends were damaged and she needed to cut them off. My hair grows pretty quickly, so I wasn’t that worried about cutting it shorter than I wanted because it’ll grow back.

I told her I wanted Louise Brooks bangs:



And the shape of Rita Hayworth’s haircut, with the U-shape in the back.




It might be a weird combination, but I love having thick, blunt bangs and feel very myself with them. They’re not very forties (my preferred aesthetic) but I figure that I always style myself how I want, even if it doesn’t go along with current fashions, so if I lived in the 40s I’m pretty sure I’d have been the same way.

So I went from this:





To this:



This is the shortest my hair has ever been since it grew out originally. Eek.



It looks pretty short in the front. (P.S. I took these pictures before putting my lipstick on and I can’t stop thinking how weird I look without it)



But I guess when I see it from the back it really isn’t all that short.



And I can’t stop getting compliments over it. It’s definitely easier to brush (and I’m going to start taking better care of my hair – putting anti-breakage serum on the ends, brushing more carefully) and really bouncy and fun.



It’ll take some getting used to. Ideally I think I’d like it to be a couple inches longer, but I’m sure if I give it a few months it’ll get there. I am looking forward to trying new setting patterns and hairstyles and seeing just what this new shorter cut can do. I’LL KEEP YA POSTED.

New Years and Some Serious Hair

Happy New Year!



Here’s my roommate and me!



And some pals. We look drunk, even though I am stone cold sober.



And the party we went to! I wore my 70s red shirtdress and my new espadrilles – perfect for dancing and I didn’t want to wear anything too nice to get that sweaty in. A ton of people told me that red is my color, so that was exciting.



And one of my only pictures from my birthday (the night before, actually). I’m not a drinker so I had one and a half and then I was done. I probably have five drinks a year and that is quite enough.

It’s taken me four days into the new year to write a new post because I’m having trouble taking pictures during the daytime! I’m not what you would call an early riser and now that the sun goes down at four fucking thirty in the afternoon, I have precious few daylight hours. So please forgive me that all my photos are taken in the dark, as I didn’t get ready for my evening until it was dark out.



When I got ready last night I realized I had a pretty “severe” look – pulled-back hair, buttoned up shirt, strong brows, strong eyeliner, bold lips. But I really like a severe look on myself, it’s a bit more fun to me than looking soft and feminine (which is also fun sometimes. I’m indecisive).





I think it’s funny you can see my iPhone in this picture. The hair was very easy and took about ten minutes. I made a strong side part and brushed out my pincurls. Started twisting from the front of my hair, adding hair as I went and trying to keep it tight but not close to my head – twists can be very subtle and I wanted this to be a stronger look. I inserted bobby pins along the length horizontally – you open it up and hold it perpendicular to your scalp, push back a bit, and then push forward.



I then twisted my hair at the back so I’d be able to form it into a perfect bun, then pinned it to my head with bobby pins all around (try and get hair on your scalp and hair in the bun).



I have an antique pocket watch my grandma gave me – I’ve never worn it before and keep it in a box for safekeeping but I realized I really wanted to be able to wear it and enjoy it. I’m going to take it to a watch repair shop today to have it cleaned.



I love cat-eye liner on myself. I also applied my lipstick with a brush, which makes it stay on longer. And when I was doing Today Is History, my makeup artist did my eyebrows with brown shadow first and then black on top. It was such a strong look (and kind of made me more “ethnic” looking – all of a sudden everyone was asking me if I was Italian) so I’ve been doing it on myself. My natural hair color is pretty close to black anyhow. All in all, it was a look I really liked. The only thing I’d change if I could is I was wearing my flowery jeans and I’d really like to have a pair of more classic jeans (like Freddie’s – ugh I might have to splurge and buy some).

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s and I’ll send you off with a few pictures of myself with my siblings and our donkey, Luke.








Vintage Styles for Curly Hair: Layrite Review

I have long, thick, curly hair. It’s almost impossible to find good hairstyling advice for my kind of hair – any magazine I read full of hair tips will all be aimed at girls with straight/wavy short to medium length hair, with maybe a token hairstyle for Black women.

Until very recently, how I styled my hair was I took a shower at night and combed my hair in the shower, let it dry overnight, and then did nothing for five days and then repeat. Here’s my hair:



It can be hard to really see my hair texture in pictures because it’s so dark, but it’s messy curly. Spirals that can turn into dreadlocks if I don’t do anything. I used to get mats in my hair when I was younger because curly hair likes to stick together. So even when I do a hairstyle, my hair will always clump back together. And my hair has always been long – usually halfway down my back, never shorter than my boobs. Partly it keeps the volume controlled on my hair a bit and also I just like long hair and feel like myself with it.

Because it is so hard to find resources for long curly hair, I have decided to become one. I’m working on a post about how I pincurl my hair but my first post will be a review of Layrite! I’ve heard the name on so many vintage blogs and got the idea that it could tame volume and frizz in a pincurl set, but nobody really demonstrated it for me. Volume and frizz are a huge issue any time I decide to comb/brush/move my hair, so I invested in a jar.




This is what it looks like straight out of the jar. Sorry I couldn’t be bothered to flip my photo. Isn’t it weird looking? And it smells crazy. I read someone say it smells like cotton candy, which I wouldn’t have thought of but I guess it’s not far off.

I tried putting it on just the right side of my hair – I took about a dime-sized amount and rubbed it through my fingers, then tried to lightly streak it over my hair. FYI, this is a week-old set that hasn’t been brushed in five hours. Also keep in mind I took these pictures at midnight and I look sleepy.



Big difference, huh? My right (your left) side is definitely sleeker.



Here you can see the frizz differential. Then I tried brushing it out:



Less of a difference. The left side still did have less frizz and pretty manageable volume, even though that side of the part had more hair.



Oh yeah and I did this:



That’s my Elvis.

I’ll have to continue using Layrite to experiment with it and see how it works, but so far it seems very cool and I’ll definitely be using it on days when my hair is huge and poofy (so many days! So many days!)

Style Icon: Rita Hayworth

I always find it interesting to read about people’s style icons – I’ve never really had any or at least thought of it that way, though of course there are tons of women I love and whose looks inspire me. When I came across this video today I felt inspired to write about the lovely, incredibly talented Rita Hayworth. If you have not seen this video, please watch it. If you’ve seen it, rewatch it. She’s incredible. The joy in her dancing will move you – you can’t look at anyone else on screen. And of course all her outfits are adorable and THAT HAIR. She had the best hair in Hollywood. But the biggest thing to me is her smile. She was seen as smoldering, sexy, and exotic, but I love her best when she’s smiling.

Rita Hayworth dancing to Stayin’ Alive:

Welcome back! Wasn’t it the best?


The hair! I love how big it is in this picture. As a curly-haired girl I am obligated to love big hair.


The pants! Though she was dressed in gorgeous gowns for many of her movies, she dressed more casually in her off hours. From what I understand this is her outfit and her car.


The hair of the 40s could get so complicated – I love that she usually wore it down.


I think my favorite style icons have an element of masculinity. I love this coat and the collar on the shirt.


I love the drape of this dress. It’s so early forties.

(Photos found here)


I love this picture of her dancing with Fred Astaire. And oh, the Spectator shoes, as blurry as they may be!


In case you can’t tell from all the black and white photos, she was most famous as a redhead (though naturally brunette).

What you can’t see in her photos is that she had a troubled personal life – many marriages, a struggle with alcoholism, unhappiness. Even as we celebrate someone’s beauty we have to remember that beauty is not everything about a person. I’m sure Rita suffered in some ways for her loveliness – as her most famous quote alludes, “Men fall in love with Gilda and wake up with me.” I wish that when Rita was growing up more people told her that not only was she beautiful, but smart, kind, interesting. Maybe that would have saved her some heartache. And it helps me to remember when I look at impossibly gorgeous women that they aren’t perfect, and it’s okay that I’m not either. And I can still appreciate Rita for her timeless talent and classic style.

Outfit Post: Lady In Red & My New Vintage Hairbrush!

The pilot for Today Is History is shooting next weekend and I needed to buy a brightly-colored dress – my director requested yellow or cranberry. I went to Jet Rag, the only LA vintage store where I have ever actually found things I like – LA vintage stores seem very catered towards a hippie/hipster aesthetic with a lot of non-vintage clothes mixed in. And really high prices. I tried on a bunch of dresses and here’s the winner:


I think it’s hilarious how miserable I look in that picture. That’s in their dressing room! I wore the dress the next day to make sure I wouldn’t hate it:



It’s a pink/red 1970s shirtwaist dress with two pockets on the chest and button-up 3/4 sleeves.


I look weird in this picture but I wanted to show you the length.

All in all my verdict is – it’s not necessarily what I would think of as “my style,” as it’s a bit more modern-looking than I prefer, but it was $22, it fits the bill for the show, and I like that it’s very easy to wear. I think it’s a perfect dress for a day when you don’t really have the energy to get all dolled up or wear anything constricting. I also love the length – it is SO hard to find a modern dress that length, everything is above-the-knee (which is generally too short in my opinion) or a maxi dress to the floor. And this dress swishes around so nicely that it makes you feel pretty and I think would be awesome to dance in.

It also matches my new hairbrush and comb:


They’re deadstock from the 60s – I bought them on Etsy and she has two sets left! And best of all they only cost $5 with $2 shipping.


I needed a new brush anyways and I just can’t buy something modern when I have the option of buying something vintage. It’s so much more fun.



It has cute instructions on how to brush your hair 100 times a day. Which I have probably been doing just because I want to use my new hairbrush. Do you try and buy vintage items besides clothing? What about the stuff that you use every day, like my hairbrush?

My Clothes May Be Casual, But My Style Is Outrageous

Sometimes I can’t dress up completely for whatever reason and I’ve found it interesting how the smallest attention to detail will really class up your outfit and garner a lot of attention. I think the main lesson to be learned is that people generally don’t wear hats so if you wear one, their minds will explode.


This picture, taken in my natural habitat, is an epitome of my sooper c00l casual style. Thanksgiving morning I went to watch some friends play football in the park at 10 AM. I am not a morning person so I had no desire to get ready that early in the morning and it’s a bit weird to really get dressed up to go to the park, so I wore my jeans, one of my 70s button-downs, a red scarf tied around my neck, and my hat. It’s so interesting how those little details take a casual outfit and make it more fun. I felt better and prettier than if I’d worn a hoodie and a baseball cap. SUCK IT, HOODIES AND BASEBALL CAPS. I THROW DOWN.


A few days ago I went to see a show at 11 but I wanted to go to the gym first and go swimming. I didn’t want to really get ready all over again for the show, so I wore this old blue and white striped sweatshirt and black SWEATPANTS, but because I added a green scarf and my blue beret people kept acting like I was dressed up. In SWEATPANTS. Red lipstick also helps.


I tried the trick again when I was just at home working alone. Put on a beret = feel cooler.


Sometimes lipstick and a hairstyle is enough to make you feel gorgeous.


I always wear this robe at home (my mom bought it for me at Epcot Center!) after I get out of the shower, over my clothes because I’m cold, whatever. And if a friend comes over while I have this robe on, they always say how pretty it is because it is SO pretty!


So there you go. We can be cazh (that’s the abbreviation of casual, you guys) and SUPER at the SAME TIME!